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December 24, 2014

Rivershack Tavern Reviews (1)
Solid menu and fun atmosphere
by Rouge on 8/11/10
Nestled along River Road in Old Jefferson, Rivershack Tavern provides a good variety and a quaint and fun atmosphere.

The facility might only seat about 75, but the low lit room has tons of character once you open the narrow wooden doors. The barstools are all individualized and are the bottom halves of different type of people from cops to ladies of the evening to cowboys.

The food makes it quite a solid lunch choice. I think their best items are those with tuna. They make a fantastic tuna sandwich and tuna salad with just the right amount of sear. I also really enjoy the chicken or louisiana gulf shrimp salads. This is also one of the few places outside of NOLA proper that you can get a legit pastrami, salami, or other italian meat sandwich. Burgers (or Boigers on their menu) are cooked to order and tasty. They also have interesting daily specials that aren't the same from week to week like so many other lunch staples. For example "ISLAND FEST! JAMAICAN HABANERO SHRIMP SOUP...PINEAPPLE BRAISED PORK TACO & CHILE GLAZED SHRIMP WRAP W/ BLACK BEANS " and "SHRIMP IN SESAME BROTH...PAN-SEARED TUNA OVER JASMINE RICE, MANGO COULIS, CHILE OIL & TOASTED ALMONDS".

As you can tell, The Rivershack Tavern can satify you with standard fare or expand your palate with daily specials that expand upon the normal lunch menu.

I hope you come to enjoy this place as much as I do.
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