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December 26, 2014
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100% Recommend
Rue 127
127 N. Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 483-1571
Rue 127-New-Orleans

Rue 127 Reviews (4)
Good place, small so reservations are a must
by Napoleon on 8/27/13
This is a really good, local place. The chef has some tasty dishes, many of which are takes on homestyle meals. Like the Rabbit Pot Pie, or the spare ribs. It's a good date place, and they do a theatre menu for those going to the Saenger( or MJ theatre)

I have had great service here and enjoyed it both time.
Rue 127 is Fantastic
by Hugo Stiglitz on 8/21/13
Great little restaurant with pleasant atmosphere. The food is excellent, I've dined there many times. Their wine selection is splendid as well.
Didn't have the best experience, but it's probably worth a try for folks who haven't been.
by Rohan2Reed on 2/13/12
Went on a Saturday night around 9 pm.

Atmosphere: Too bright for my taste, especially considering the close quarters. I heard every conversation around me and think the bright lighting encourages people to be less mindful of their speaking voices. It also adds to the more casual feel, along with the decor - which I thought lacked theme and focus.

Service: Very poor. Do not remember the young lady's name but from the get-go she was rather standoffish and short with us. Seemed as if she would much rather have been elsewhere than taking care of paying customers.


**They were out of the scallops, which was quite disappointing. 9 pm on a non-holiday/football weekend.. you should have scallops.**

Onion Soup w/ sourdough croutons, gruyere, beef broth $8 -- On the bland side but the portions were right. Broth could definitely use some work.

Iceberg Wedge w/ bacon lardons, tomato concasse, Roaring 40s bleu cheese, croutons, parley, herbed buttermilk dressing $7 -- This was delicious. But I can't give a place too many accolades based on a wedge salad. Very well done though.

Pan Seared Puppy Drum w/ Prince Edward Island mussels, frisee, bacon lardons, ruby red grapefruit, poblano pepper and orange broth $23 -- This was a subtle and elegant dish. Nice depth of flavor and very clean and bright.

Crispy Salmon w/ Panko breadcrumbs, dijon, herbs, roasted vegetable couscous, lemon butter $20 -- The lady had this in place of the scallops and was not very happy. Salmon was overcooked and the couscous was under. Lemon butter sauce also left her wanting.

Skipped dessert. Also had a forgettable bottle of Malbec.

I would perhaps give this place another try, but not before I knock out some other promising restaurants I've yet to dine at.
Rue 127
by BACONisMEATcandy on 12/25/11
If you are looking for a whole in the wall with great food this is the place for you.
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