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October 21, 2014
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77% Recommend
Le Creole
18135 E. Petroleum dr. Suite F&G
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 752-7135
Le Creole-Baton-Rouge

Le Creole Reviews (4)
Good stuff
by Doomaflochie on 8/20/13
Very good food. Service was great. Drinks were good but expensive. Good experience.
Something Different
by AbsolutTiger on 1/30/13
Went in on a Sunday night, only two other tables seated. Waiter was professional, but a little slow at times. Started off with the Smokey Tomato Basil soup. The smokey flavor was good for the first two or three bites but I was not interested after that. I ordered the Chicken & Waffles for my entree. The chicken was juicy and delicious. The waffles made the dish though. I'd never had sweet potato waffles before (where have I been?) but I will be back to Le Creole soon for another plate of their's.
Horrible Service- Great food
by HowboutthemTigers on 1/29/13
The food was fantastic but the service was absolutely horrible . 3.5 hr dinner, took forever to get drinks, and sat there without the waitress coming by for atleast 20 mins. The food however was pretty damn good. Maybe i just caught it on a bad night. Chicken n waffles were great and the ribeye was cooked perfectly. Waitstaff needs to improve to get me back there though. I can spend less than what I did at le creole and have a better meal/service somewhere else.
Went to Le'Creole
by Sobchak on 7/25/11
I decided to use my LivingSocial certificate at Le`Creole last tuesday. I called ahead to make reservations and checked on the corkage fee which was $15.

We arrived at 7 with a couple of bottles of wine (Chateau Potensac and Alexander Valley Cab Franc but only drank the first one). A larger bald gentleman greeted us at our table with a two burganders each for me and my date. He opened and decanted the Potensac for us and I gave him a taste of the wine since he said he only carried California wines (what a shame). But he was very nice and even brought out a free plate of brushetta for us to eat with our wine while we waited. The brushetta was delicious!

For starters, we got the turtle soup and the shrimp and andouille cheesecake with a tomato beurre blanc sauce. The cake was a little too eggy (like a keesh instead of a cheesecake), but the blackened shrimp were very good. The sauce however did not help the dish. It was sweet from the tomatoes but the dish was better if it was excluded. The turtle soup was fantastic. A really nice dark base with the shredded turtle meat(my favorite).

We split a caesar salad since I heard they were so big. And even the splits were generous. The salad was good except for half of the croutons were stale or overtoasted or both. At one point, my date and I busted out laughing because the crunch of my crouton was so loud and obviously unpleasant. I had to spit it out. It couldnt be chewed. Still... no big deal.

I got the Tasting of Le' Creole or something like that. I wanted SEAFOOD.. and this was speckled trout with shrimp and crabmeat on whole kernel corn, tomato, and onion mixture if memory serves me correctly. It was garnished with a sweet corn sauce.. but a very slight drizzle around the plate. If more sauce was incorporated on the dish, then it would have been good. However, it was VERY dry. I got more sauce and finished my plate. My date had the Grits and Shrimp grillades that she and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Joseph (i think) was our server. He was very professional, but I wish he or the bussers would have refilled my water after the salad course, but I had wine.

We opted for the Gelatto place down the street (on Highland just south of I-10) for dessert. We had the tiramisu flavor and it was sinfully delicious.

Our bill came to just 89 bucks (corkage fee not included.... at all). So i gave a 30 dollar tip to account for the corkage fee since I would rather the server have the money than the restaurant.

Overall, it was good but not great. We enjoyed our experience but were by no means blown away.

The friendliness of the service (wine guy especially) was a big plus.

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