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October 31, 2014

Velvet Cactus Reviews (2)
Velvet Cactus review
by Weaver on 2/4/12
Had dinner with a friend and his wife on a Friday night around 7. The wait was about 45 minutes, which I figured for a Friday night. Chips and Salsa were very good, but didn't get enough of them. Service was very slow. Food took a while to get to us. I had the El Paso with two chicken enchiladas and one Fried Fish Taco. Also had refried beans and rice. Food was good and so were the frozen margaritas. Would recommend the place.
Needs to work out the kinks
by Geauxld Finger on 6/27/11
Group of 6 of us went for dinner. We were told the wait would be about 45 minutes, which ended up being like 90 minutes, but whatever, we were drinking.

Drinks were average priced but weren't great. Perhaps inexperienced bartenders played a part in it, but I can get a better margarita and sangria at several other places in NOLA.

We finally sat down, and got stuck in a booth. I loathe the booth seating. If you want to be a real restaurant imo, ditch booth seating. You can not fit 6 grown adults comfortably in a booth.

We got one basket of chips and salsa for our table. The salsa is served warm, or at least it was that night. Tasted ok, but the warmth threw me off a bit. I wanted to try more, BUT they ran out of salsa apparently. No idea how that could happen.

We got the dip trio with queso, guac, and bean dip. The guac was good, and i hate guac. Bean dip was solid, and the queso was very lacking. It thickened up way to fast and just turned clumpy.

Entrees were ok. Nothing great. I had steak burrito, and a few people got pork enchiladas, and cheese enchiladas. They were good, but the ranchero sauce is a bit overpowering. Other entree was a taco salad, which our waiter deemed "the best thing on the menu." It consisted of ground meat, unseasoned, on top of lettuce. Nothing else. I laughed seeing as our waiter was a 90lbs gay guy that probably pukes back up what he eats. So him saying that was his favorite thing wasn't surprising. The service was slow and erratic, and the guy kept having to go back and ask the kitchen what was what. Prices weren't too bad but not great either.
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