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December 28, 2014

Tru Burger Reviews (1)
Great Burgers, and Hot Dogs (and Corndogs too)
by Napoleon on 10/14/11
Would have given five stars, not for dining as its just a cafe-style place where you order at the counter but for the fries. They were fresh fries, but more and more in the newer places I'm finding places are inconsistent with fresh frys.

You really need to fry them twice to do it right. At two different temps. If not they get brown and soggy, instead of golden and crunchy.

I got the Italian burger which had eggplant on top as well as mozzarella and marinara.

It was really good, the patty had a good juicy flavor.

The last time I went I just had a corn-dog. The hot dog they use is one of the best I have ever had. So good.

If you are around Oak or Carrolton and craving a burger, check out TRU
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