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July 12, 2014
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91% Recommend
Fat Cow
4350 Highland Rd. Suite B1
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 761-9272
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Fat Cow Reviews (9)
Love the burgers
by Indfanfromcol on 8/17/13
For some reason, people like to hate on this place, but I like it. Their buns are one of my favorite parts of their burger. It isn't an ordinary bun, and is hard to describe. But it makes their burgers. Fries are pretty good. Can get a little expensive, but one order can be split by a few people.
Very good burger, skip the fries
by BullredsRus on 1/29/13
My wife and I ate here and we both really enjoyed our burgers. Quality meat ground in house daily, good buns, and fresh condiments/produce/toppings. They have a lot of burgers they've created, some very imaginative. Or you can always just build your own I guess. One of the better burgers we've had in BR for sure. The duck fat fries were very below average in our opinion, and they give you a ton of them so I guess that's good if you like them.
Top 2 Burger in Baton Rouge
by bossflossjr on 4/15/12
The burger menu at Fat Cow is extensive. Many different options. They grind their beef every morning......and have their bread shipped from Houston (like another good burger spot in BR).

I chose, on my 1st trip, to try to stay basic in order to get an understanding of what they are doing. I know they make some condiments (not all), pickles, banana peppers, etc inhouse. This was a plus upon entry.

Regular Bacon Cheeseburger:
Homeade Pickles, Tomato, Red Onion, Sauteed Mushrooms on the side.
The bun appears ciabatta like, but is obviously similar to the bun at Mason's. Fat Cow seems to use less of the bun, and toasts them perfectly.

Duck Fat Parmesean Frites:
Winner as well. Really liked them. Some were crispy, some were a little soggy (I like soggy - some in my family like crispy - this works well for us). I couldnt pass up the chance to grab these. Someone ordered their Duck Fat Frites topped with Bacon/Cheese like their basic cheese fries....this looked great. Cardiologists need to eat, too.

I saw several salads come up for customers....they look great. There are many healthy options on the menu if you visit here - and dont need a burger.

We sat at the bar....and noticed the grill cook "refilling" his fire under which he grills their own ground beef. They use Lazzari Mesquite Charchoal to cook the burgers. Winner.

I will without question have Fat Cow on a VERY, VERY short list of places in BR to get a burger. This thread is not to bash other establishments....but there have been an influx of burger places in EBR over the past couple years......and I wont go back to any of them. Gave them all several tries.

Quality food
by acgeaux129 on 12/29/11
A lot of the problems people are talking about in some of the other reviews relating to time have been fixed. They seem to be selling their tickets much faster than when they opened. Overall, I think the burgers they make are some of the best in town. You can tell the guys who started the restaurant put a lot of work into it. Good restaurant with a fantastic menu. Look forward to seeing them expand in the BR area eventually.
by ssgtiger on 12/27/11
I really don't have much good to say about the place, other than the atmosphere is ok. The burger has a strange taste. The duck fat fries are basically regular fries that you pay extra for. The shakes are like water. I gave it 3 trys hoping that I may have just caught them on an off day. I guess not.
Great burger
by haricot rouge on 12/26/11
Been a few times and have been pleased with each experience. 120 and Smoke Stack burgers are great and love the fries. Smoke stack burger has the onion strings on it and plan to order them as a side next time. Strings are sweet, thin, crispy and made with purple onins.
Fat Cow burger review
by supadave3 on 12/24/11
I bought one of those 225 gift certificates where you pay $7 and its worth $14. So, I went solo to try it out. I ordered the Sicilian burger, added Roasted Red peppers, fries and a tea. I wanted to order the parmesan and duck fat fries but couldn't bring myself to pay $5 for an order of fries just for myself.

The burger was VERY good. I don't remember everything that was on it but it was cooked to medium to medium well temp, with tomatoes, balsamic vigarette, and I think it also had bleu cheese. The bun was fanatasic and all the ingrediants made for a great tasting burger. It was messy, but thats not a bad thing in my book.

The fries were good. They were'nt anything to write home about, but what I expected for $2 fries. I had alot of them, thats for sure.

My total came to a $14 and some change.

Overall, the food was good. I think it was a bit pricey for a burger, but it wasn't a really bad deal.
Fantastic Burgers!
by PigskinPrincess on 11/2/11
This place is absolutely wonderful. Melt in your mouth burgers and so many combinations of toppings. If you aren't a beef person, they have chicken breast, portobello mushroom, and salmon all to substitute their 100% angus burger. The duck fat fries and onion straws are the perfect compliment to my delicious meal and to top it off - the chocolate milkshake just made it so much better. This is by far the best burger joint in Baton Rouge. Don't even bother going anywhere else. OH! and have you looked into their gameday specials??? Delicious. Check 'em out on Facebbok.
Good Food, Long Wait
by WavinWilly on 10/27/11
If they can get food out faster, it would be rated much higher. It took over 45 minutes to get a burger and fries. That is way too long for this type of place.
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