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August 20, 2014

High Hat Cafe Reviews (1)
Mix of old and new style diner on Freret
by Rohan2Reed on 2/13/12
During my first visit the two lunch specials tempted me (desconstructed chicken pot pie and a crabmeat & watermelon salad - both sounded delicious) but I opted for the High Hat burger w/ pimento cheese.

i got it medium and it came out just as i hoped with just a slight tinge of red in the center. (she asked me if i wanted rare, med or well done; i'm assuming those are the only three temps they offer?). the pimento cheese was excellent. wasn't too overbearing and it was overloaded with it so plenty dripped onto my fries. awesome.

the hand cut fries came out already salted which i loved. didn't have to do anything to them and they were excellent. burger had a really nice slice of tomato and some good pickles and the bun held together nicely except the bottom half got pretty soggy towards the end. but at least that stemmed from the burger being juicy.

the decor could use some work to give it a little more character and atmosphere, but i'm sure that will come with time. overall a really good first meal there. definitely going back and trying their catfish, tamales and maybe one of those lunch specials if they're still around.
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