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December 28, 2014

Roberto's River Road Restaurant Reviews (3)
One of the best meals I've ever had
by cwil177 on 8/25/13
Located in an old, 19th century general store in St. Gabriel's Sunshine community, Roberto's River Road Restaurant is no longer a secret to Baton Rouge's enthusiastic restaurant-goers. Combining delectable Cajun cuisine with noticeable Latin and French influences, the food does not disappoint. The laid-back, easy-going atmosphere is sure to please, with fantastic service to boot. Additionally, the back of the restaurant features a small yet charming bar area where patrons can sip drinks while waiting for their tables.

On my recent visit to Roberto’s River Road Restaurant I had the joy of ordering the night's steak special- a filet topped with crawfish and green Tabasco hollandaise, served on a bed of crawfish potatoes au gratin with a side of asparagus. What a fantastic meal! I had to keep telling myself to slow down and savor every bite, but I'll be honest, it was hard to maintain self-control. My steak, ordered medium rare, was one of the best I've ever had and easily comparable to those served at the high-end steak restaurants in town. The hollandaise was delicious, and I only wish there had been more of it, perhaps on the asparagus (which was poorly seasoned and therefore pretty ho-hum). All items featured in the dish worked well together, and I often found myself combining a bite of steak and crawfish here, some potatoes and asparagus there, and so on. We were also given warm French bread and butter before the meal, and the staff was happy to oblige when I requested that spinach be substituted for lettuce in my salad (which was also super tasty). Aside from the bland asparagus, my only real complaint was the volume. The acoustics are not so great, and the myriad conversations taking place throughout the restaurant, and particularly in the main dining area, have nowhere to dissipate.

All in all, I could hardly have been more pleased with my experience at Roberto’s River Road Restaurant. I cannot wait to come back again, and I while I will want to explore the many tempting menu options, I sure hope to see that steak special sometime in my future.

Incredible food
Bar/waiting area
Friendly service
Convenient parking

Relatively long drive from BR (but oh so worth it)
It can get pretty loud when crowded
Dinner can be a bit pricy
by Abbeylou on 1/29/13
This is one of your favorite places to eat! It was recently remodeled too and looks GREAT!
Great place to take a date
by PhiTiger1764 on 7/13/12
If you want to impress a date, and you want to look like you know what you're doing, bring her here. Classy restaurant out in the middle of nowhere. Great seafood and steaks. Waiting area with a bar and several wine options. It can get expensive but you get what you pay for.
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