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December 28, 2014

California Pizza Kitchen Reviews (2)
What is wrong with the world
by tom on 12/24/11
Wait a full hour to be seated in an uncomfortable booth surrounded by soulless yuppies blathering about their moron children. The waiter is a peppy, self-absorbed simpleton. Maybe the food is good? Nope, it's cardboard-flavored, mush-topped shit, and it costs twice as much as any other pizza joint in town.
Unique Pizzas
by LSshoe on 7/1/10
I've heard both positive and negative reviews of the place prior to eating there. Went there with a few other people. The prices were decent, maybe a bit high but still not bad. around $12 for a pizza (they only have one size, probably around 12") I had the jerk chicken pizza. it was solid. they have a bunch of other unique pizza items along with other general italian themed items. I wouldn't drive across town for it, but if youre in perkins rowe then its not a bad choice
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