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December 28, 2014
  26 Ratings | 9 Reviews  
88% Recommend
Chinese Combo King
166 W Chimes St
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 389-1228
Chinese Combo King-Baton-Rouge

Chinese Combo King Reviews (9)
Good stuff
by Pelican fan99 on 8/17/13
Love going there. Best Chinese food in the area. Some of the best fried rice I've had.
by dchotard on 12/29/11
Not a buffet; much better food than a regular Chinese buffet. Some of the best Chinese food in BR (and I've been to China); comparable to PF Changs, but better priced. Owners are extremely nice! Large quantities for a decent price.
Best chinese food ever!
by LSUsuperfresh on 12/25/11
This place is amazing. Very nice people, and the food is seriously the best chinese I've ever had. The orange shrimp is what I always get, and I have 0 complaints
Very fresh
by waiting4saturday on 8/8/11
CCK is super cheap and has really great fresh food. It's not quite as good as PF Changs but it's close and the price is 100 times better.
Great lunch place
by TinyTigerPaws on 8/3/10
The food is always fresh and flavorful. The portions are great for the price and though CCK is more expensive than usual Chinese, the food is well worth the price! Kung pao chicken is my favorite. Very good flavor and spice to the dish.
Best "Cheap" Chinese Food In Town
by TigerBait1127 on 7/13/10
This place doesn't have the buffet or the cheapest prices, but it does have a much better quality of food. Definitely worth the $1-2 extra to eat here.
Best Bang for Your Buck Chinese in Baton Rouge
by theunknownknight on 7/12/10
The overall quality of the food rivals P.F. Changs for about 2/3 the price. Two thumbs up.
Sesame Chicken Dinner Combo
by LSU-MNCBABY on 7/1/10
Order the Sesame Chicken Dinner Combo to go, first I was very impressed by the overall cleanliness of the place and how friendly the staff was.

Overall the Sesame Chicken was very different from the other standard chinese take out places. The chicken appeared to be all white breast meat, in a sweet and spicy brown sauce topped with peppers and sesame seeds. The fried rice was excellent, light and fluffy brown rice. The egg roll was also excellent, not as large as other places but very tastey.

4 Stars overall, after eating almost the entire serving I did not have the full and gross feeling typically associated with chinese take out, I assume this is due to the fact that fresh ingredients and not overwhelmingly amounts of MSG were used.

Would definitely recommend, and will be back to try other dishes.
Great option steps from LSU
by TigerFromTheNorth on 6/25/10
CCK is a great choice for someone who wants one hell of a meal right off campus. The meals nearly always yield leftovers and the food is extremely fresh. This isn't your typical run of the mill chinese place where you aren't completely convinced you're eating chicken. The owner, alice, is extremely sweet and attentive and will insist that you sit and wait for your food while she has someone bring it to your table. The interior is great as well. No goofy dragon pictures. They also have a few tvs. Perfect for catching up on scores post game. Kung pao shrimp is a winner.
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