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September 18, 2014
  14 Ratings | 7 Reviews  
71% Recommend
7633 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 924-1391

Dearman's Reviews (7)
Average burger, above average price
by slackhouse on 1/29/13
I got a double bacon cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. My wife and daughter shared a grilled chicken sandwich and regular fries.

-my burger was average, slightly overcooked and dry.
-wife's chicken sandwich was good.
-sweet potato fries were pretty good.
-regular fries were terrible, cold and mushy.

Wife had a vanilla shake and I had a chocolate shake. Both were delicious.

Overall, an average outing for an slightly above average price. We probably won't return as there are many places with a much better burger.
I like the burgers here a lot
by BullredsRus on 1/29/13
To me there are two types of burgers, those cooked on a grill and those cooked on a griddle. They are both good, just different tastes. These are cooked on a griddle, and have great flavor. Not too greasy, but definitely not dry either. Pretty simple menu, but that's OK with me. Very good burgers, above average fries (my wife and I prefer the sweet potato fries)and a great milkshake (actually made with milk and ice cream) to top the meal off.
Great Place
by TheFreeAgent on 8/9/11
Dearman's is definitely one of the top burgers in Baton Rouge hands down. Great burgers, shakes, fries. Also the service is very good, friendly staff.
Top 5 Burger
by ssgtiger on 3/4/11
One of the top burgers in BR.
Not So Fast My Friends!
by Farkwad on 12/9/10
I disagree with the negative posters. The burgers and fries are awesome and the milkshakes are fresh. They have impeccable service and everything is made to order. It did lose the storefront K&B meets Magnolia feel, but it is still a great place for lunch and dinner and especially with little ones and/or grandparents. They get only four stars b/c they quit offering breakfast!!!!
by bhelmLSU on 9/24/10
What you are hearing are reviews about Dearman's before new ownership. Used to be one of the best in town but now just not anything special.
When Was This The Place For Burgers?
by blueslover on 7/19/10
I have heard older folks rave about this place- the old fashioned burgers and authentic atmosphere. I tried but I don't get it. Maybe it is a nostalgic tie. All I experienced were run of the mill bland burgers, hohum fries, and nothingness in the place. It's topped off with prices that can only be trying to pay for some Bocage priced storefront rent.
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