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November 22, 2014

J. Alexander's Reviews (2)
by Tigerpaw123 on 2/26/11
Wow, been a while since we have had a really spectacular meal, but tonight it was. Started with the smoked salmon dip, loaded with in house smoked fresh salmon (chunks and flakes not ground up into a paste) some of the best I have ever had, The wife had the grilled tuna, it was done perfectly had a ginger glaze and she got a baked potato and wild rice orzo dish as a side, this was served chilled with a vineagrette with all kind of good stuff mixed in, very unique and great. I had the ribs which were tender juicy and crisp on the outside served with a great plum sauce, I had the mac and cheese (get it if you ever have the chance) and the slaw which was great as well. Not only was every bite of food we ate great but the service was second to none, and the executive chef made 2 stops at the table to check on us and explain several items we were eating. Told us they only serve fresh never frozen fish and get the tuna flown in from hawaii twice a week, Salmon from Norway. J Alexanders has always been one of my go to spots but tonight was above all expectations.
Not what it used to be
by skygod123 on 8/9/10
My date and I were craving prime rib and a nice atmosphere, so we decided to go to this restaurant, which we have not visited in 2-3 years.

All I can say is the service is not what it used to be. there were 3 hostesses and only one guest at the entrance, but it took a few minutes for us to even be acknowledged. I had a chance to read the entire menu (which apparently has changed since the last time i was there) before someone came to get the drink order.

our server seemed new. our appetizer came out just a minute or two before the entrees, which were served to us cold. we would have complained about my date's oddly cooked prime rib (rare around one edge, tough and pink in the middle) but there was no check back for at least 10 minutes. we did inform the server of the temperature issues for the food and suspected that she didnt tell the management or kitchen & that she was simply inexperienced with how to time two courses of a meal.

I dont mind paying high prices for a good meal, but if J. Alexander's wants to command those types of prices (17 dollars for my sandwich & +20 for my date's ill executed prime rib), they need to get service back to how i remember it.

Dont know if I will be going for a long time.
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