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October 24, 2014
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68% Recommend
Little Village
447 Third St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 218-6685
Little Village-Baton-Rouge

Little Village Reviews (5)
Little Village
by Tiger Chad on 7/21/11
Bread is awesome. Steaks are ok. Service is terrible
by Icansee4miles on 6/4/11
We have been going to the Little Village since it opened downtown years ago. Maybe it's their move, since that often ruins a good restaurant, but last night was nothing like what we used to experience. Crammed all the early arrivals into a single bench of two-tops when the rest of the dining room was empty, so our server got to deal with 4 tables all seated within minutes of one another, while the rest of the staff was largely standing around. She did her best, and was not the problem. Village Bread was nothing like it used to be-tasted like a cold loaf dumped right out of a plastic bag on the plate with some cheese sprinkled over the top. Didn't this used to come out warm? Yuck. The overly expensive wine was the lightest pour I have ever seen. Not even 2 fingers, and when J Lohr by the glass is $14, at least the portions could be decent.

Wife got Toasted Ravioli, which we've had in the past (it's an appetizer). They were so hard they could barely be cut and the cheese filling non-existent. Either overcooked, or hanging out under the heat lamp too long. To her credit, our server noticed her poking at them and whisked them away for a trade-in, but they didn't return until I was finished with my entree.

My entree was the stuffed fish, and I paid the extra ($8!!!) to upgrade to Tripletail instead of the stock Tilipia. Now, TT is one of my favorite fish, and they did a nice job with it, but was it a $35 dish? Only if they apply the $/pound to fish that I figure it costs me when I take my boat expenses into account. By the way, the Ribeye, which used to be a pretty good deal at $28 is now also $35.

Atmosphere was also not like the old location, which just felt a lot more like a romantic Italian restaurant should. This used to be a go-to date night place, but with the atmosphere, fall-off in quality and huge price jump, we will be looking elsewhere.
My Favorite Italian
by LouisianaLady on 8/3/10
This is my favorite place in BR to go for Italian. The bread is amazing, along with the Lobster Bisque. I have no ordered a steak but I have heard it's one of the best steaks in town with one of the best prices. Like someone else said, watch out for the specials because the waiters don't quote the prices and they are almost always higher than most items on the menu. But if you're looking for good Italian with a cute atmosphere, LV is the place.
Best Steak in BR.....if you order it right!
by bossflossjr on 7/17/10
Ribeye with Roasted Garlic is top notch! LV serves prime steaks are solid. The Village Bread is a must! Gumbo and Bisque are a winner as well. Service can be a little shakey....and be wary of the specials, as the servers rarely quote the prices.......good grub, but can get relatively expensive.
Their bread is the best
by theunknownknight on 7/12/10
It melts in your mouth
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