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December 28, 2014

Louisiana Lagniappe Reviews (10)
My vote for best restaurant in Baton Rouge
by supadave3 on 8/26/13
I've been wanting to try LA Lagniappe for several years and I finally made it there on Saturday night. It was everything I thought it would be and more. The Oysters Lagniappe was the best appetizer I've ever tasted. For entrees, we had the Pontchartrain and the Fresh Fish en Papillote. Both were absolutely fantastic. Dessert was the blueberry bread pudding and it was equally delicious. Christin provided excellent service, very friendly and knowledgeable. We're already looking forward to our next visit.
Crab Cakes are AMAZING!!!!
by ForeverLSU02 on 8/16/13
Crab Cakes are AMAZING!!!!
Best Seafood in BR
by purplegoldblood on 12/30/11
This restaurant has the best seafood dishes in BR! Only complaint is wait time.
Best Fish
by ssgtiger on 3/4/11
Hands down best place to get a fish dish in town.
by JasonL79 on 8/4/10
After hearing about how good it was on tigerdroppings food board decide I would give it a try.

Appetizers: We got fried crab fingers and they were good but the remoulade sauce made it even better.

Soup: Got the seafood gumbo in place of my salad and have to say it was one of the better gumbos that I have had in a restaurant. Thick and rich and could tell it was made with a rich seafood stock.

Main Meal: Decided on the fresh fish en papillote. The black drum, shrimp stuffing, and crabmeat was all very good. One of the better fish dishes that I have ever eaten. My dad had the special- some sort of drum with fried soft shell crawfish on top and a sauce. He liked his also.

Dessert: Had the blueberry breadpudding and it was also excellent. The blueberry gave it a sweat taste but was a nice addition to the breadpudding.

All in all, it was excellent. There was 3 in our party and everyone enjoyed their food. One of my better dining experiences and will be back.
Best in BR
by Boh on 8/2/10
For my money, it doesn't get better than Louisiana Lagniappe in BR. Everything is so fresh. The Fresh Fish in Papillote is my personal favorite, and the crawfish cakes are amazing. Anyone who hasn't tried this restaurant is truly missing out.
Best restaurant in town
by SpqrTiger on 8/1/10
This is the best restaurant in Baton Rouge.

No other way to say it.

Food is excellent. Wait staff is excellent. It's a first-class operation, and my favorite.

The owners are local and involved with the community. They deserve the success they have because they have vision.

Any time I have an occasion to celebrate, I go here.
Favorite Restaurant in BR
by Slickback on 7/19/10
The Fresh Fish en Papillote is amazing.
Premier Baton Rouge Seafood
by Brageous on 7/2/10
Probably my personal favorite baton rouge restaurant. If you want seafood, this is the single best place to go.
Favorite Seafood in Baton Rouge
by Politiceaux on 6/25/10
Always great, I've never been disappointed. Try the seafood gumbo, marinated crab fingers, fresh fish en papillote, ponchartrain, or tournedos. Can't go wrong with anything, though.
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