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November 26, 2014

P.F. Chang's China Bistro Reviews (3)
Great for a franchise
by Carson123987 on 8/16/13
great food for the price and a cool atmosphere. love going back. chicken fried rice is amazing, as are the dumplings and lettuce wraps.
Always incredible
by Michael T. Tiger on 12/28/11
My wife and I always have a great experience at P.F. Chang's, and tonight was no exception. Without question, the food is rivaled only be the service.

Our son is allergic to peanuts, and the staff is always right on top of finding out whether anyone at the table has a food allergy right before taking our drink order. Additionally, the manager always comes out to explain the company's process for ensuring a safe eating environment for someone with a food allergy.

It's comforting that a company still takes the time to make certain their customers are treated with respect and also do so while giving them an incredible dining experience.
Chang's in BR Reflects Franchise Success
by timlan2057 on 7/2/10
PF Chang's has a good thing going.

I try to be a discriminating reviewer, but I can't help but add to the raves.

The food is tasty, the service is great and the restaurant's faux-oriental atmosphere is a nice change of pace from locally-owned Chinese restaurants, even though in the long run, I prefer a bit more of an "oriental" atmosphere.

My taste buds water when I look at a restaurant's glossy-slick advertisement. The dish looks so colorful and tasty.

At PF Chang's when your food is brought out, (in my case, the Kung Po Chicken) the dish looks EXACTLY like the glossy-slick advertisement.

The wait staff is mostly all Occidental and not Oriental--but make no mistake, PF Changs is a dining delight, nestled in the heart of the bustling Corporate dining and shopping district.
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