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December 26, 2014

Parrain's Seafood Reviews (7)
Great food and surroundings!
by Smokedawg on 2/5/13
Love the environment! The blackened alligator and crab fingers are absolutely delicious! Highly recommend for any seafood lover.
Can't be beaten
by Casty McBoozer on 2/2/13
This is my favorite restaurant in all of Baton Rouge, hands down. You cannot go wrong eating here.
Out of BR review
by ElysianArmsAlum on 1/29/13
Timely service/ excellent oysters on the half/ the eggplant ponchatrain was terrific with a creamy,delicious hollandaise sauce. It seems Parrains is responding to the competition
Alternative to fried seafood
by haricot rouge on 12/26/11
Barbequed Drum is delicious and has become my go-to dish here.
Thin sliced catfish
by ScubaTiger on 12/24/11
I have eaten the thin sliced fried catfish several times in the past and it is my favorite dish at Parrains. I took my daughter and her husband for a late lunch at Parrains on Friday, 12-23-11, and ordered the catfish again. It was the same great batter I like but the fish was not as crispy as I had come to expect. Everything else was as good as usual. I'm not going to change my opinion of Parrains based on this but I hope the next time I have catfish this will be remedied.
by lsufan_26 on 8/8/11
Their house dressing is delicious.
Great atmosphere
by willeaux on 8/3/10
I love coming here at night. The lunch menu is not the great, unless you are there to drink. The dinner menu is extensive and satisfying.
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