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November 26, 2014
  20 Ratings | 8 Reviews  
75% Recommend
Ruth's Chris Steak House
4836 Constitution Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 925-0163
Ruth's Chris Steak House-Baton-Rouge

Ruth's Chris Steak House Reviews (8)
Most overrated restaurant chain in existence
by Casty McBoozer on 2/2/13
People seem to love Ruth's Chris, but I don't really get why. It's very expensive, which is fine if the food is good enough, but I just don't think it is. I'm a steak person, and I've had steak at Ruth's Chris 5 or 6 times, and was disappointed every time. Don't get me wrong, they weren't BAD, they just weren't all the hype.
From a non-steak eater
by dyslexiateechur on 12/26/11
Let me first state that I'm not a steak eater. With that being said, someone took me to Ruth Chris.

The service was really really good, however the portions were tiny and everything was overpriced. The salmon was okay, but not great.
Steaks so good you may be inclined to slap rondo's mom.
by rmc on 12/24/11
They are THAT good.
Best steak you will ever eat
by WILDTURKEYisgood on 8/11/11
I have been to several upscale steak restaurants and I must say Ruth's is the best and it's not even close.
Excellent for a steak restaurant
by Gris Gris on 2/21/11
Ate here a few nights ago. It's been a while since I was last there.

Had a reservation and we were seated upon arrival. Waitress was excellent. She was friendly and around just when she was needed almost as if she had ESP. Manager made the rounds to tables checking on folks including ours.

Had my teen niece with me. She couldn't decide between the blue cheese wedge salad or the crab cakes for an app, so we ordered both and the waitress suggested that the kitchen split the wedge, which was plenty for a salad anyway. There were two crabcakes so it worked out, perfectly. Steaks and sides were just right. I ordered my veal a little between medium rare and medium as I eat it a bit more well done than I do my steaks. I couldn't have hit that mark, myself.

Downright good dining and worth every penny.
Wonderful steak
by Moemoe455 on 11/3/10
They have one of the best steaks that I have ever ate!
by nacho24 on 7/1/10
Couldn't agree more chicken.... just took my dad there for father's day and though the decor may have changed a bit the service and food were still on point. the steaks are always cooked to perfection and many sides to choose from to compliment the entree. if you are a fan of veal check out the veal chop, my dad ordered that and was amazed by the portion and flavor of the cut.

Ruth's Chris cannot be beat in the steak dept. and this location is one of the best in the country. I have been to several franchises all over the south and west and have not found one yet comparable to this one in terms of consistency.
As good as I remember...
by Chicken on 6/18/10
I haven't dined at Ruth's in Baton Rouge in quite a long time...but my latest visit did not disappoint. The appetizers were solid and the steaks were perfect.
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