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December 25, 2014
  20 Ratings | 4 Reviews  
90% Recommend
South Of Philly
4353 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 291-1003
South Of Philly-Baton-Rouge

South Of Philly Reviews (4)
Daily Lunch Specials!!!
by ScottieP on 2/5/13
Daily lunch specials that come with fries and a drink for less that $7.
South of Philly
by sealedup on 12/26/11
I really enjoyed the Philly Cheesesteak here. The bread is delicious (Amoroso). I think that the prices on on par with the quality and quantity you receive. I would recommend.
Poor All the way around
by djrunner on 9/24/11
The food started out pretty good at this location, haven't eaten at the others. The food has gone down since it opened.
I ate there in Sept of 11, it was almost inedible. The bread is still good but the rest of it was dry and nasty. Phillame up has passed it up as my favorite cheese steak place in town.Also, the drive through has to be the slowest in the state.
Absolute Excellence
by TigersSEC2010 on 2/14/11
I go here weekly, sometimes twice a week. It is absolutely amazing. DO not be scared off by the higher prices for some items, you get more than you money's worth. No doubt.
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