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December 28, 2014
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96% Recommend
Stroube's Chophouse
107 Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 448-2830
Stroube's Chophouse-Baton-Rouge

Stroube's Chophouse Reviews (5)
Wednesday Lunch
by lob1284 on 8/19/13
The fried chicken and waffles on Wednesday tastes great, well priced, and fills you up.
Little disappointed
by jeepfreak on 3/12/13
Let me preface this by saying that the first several times I went to Stroube's I was blown away. The last two visits, however, have disappointed me a bit. Both were lunch visits:

Visit 1: had the Shrimp and Grits. Shrimp were perfectly cooked, but I just don't get this new fad of mixing sweet and savory. The shrimp and gravy were savory. The grits were sweet and there were other sweet elements added to the dish. I'll never order that again. We also had the calamari for an app and it was waaayyyy over-salted.

Visit 2: Gumbo. Roux separated...really? Nobody noticed this and you served it anyway? How about skimming the grease off the top, guys? I won't even get into the mix of Cajun and Creole...well, yes I will. It was a Cajun based gumbo with chunks of tomato floating in it. Not a red(creole) gumbo, but a brown gumbo with diced tomato in it.

I'm going back this week hoping third time is the charm b/c I have loved Stroube's since it opened. Hopefully the last 2 visits were abberations.
5 stars
by bosoxjo13 on 12/26/11
Quality food every time
Stroube's Day after Valentine's Day
by tetu on 3/9/11
We decided to go to Stroube's for our late Valentine's Day dinner. Great atmosphere, dark, but bright enough to read menu easily. Quiet place with a good food and I personally enjoyed their beer list (a quality not quantity list). I had a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye with my meal.

Had calamari and heirloom caprese salad and both were delicious.

For entree's I had the blackened catfish over corn maque choux which I thought was a little crispy, but I enjoyed it with the sweet juicy maque choux. My wife had the lobster ravioli which will be the dish to bring us back.

Great place
by Glock17 on 7/22/10
Great service, great food.
Got the ribs to start off with as an appetizer. They had a great flavor and would love to go back and get the entree version. Wife and I both had steaks that were cooked and seasoned perfectly. I'm looking forward to going back.
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