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November 26, 2014

Jacques-Imo's Cafe Reviews (6)
love this place
by gtodds on 2/1/13
The Fried Roast Beef Poboy is the best.
Awesome atmosphere and fantastic food
by Farkwad on 7/23/11
Take a visitor here for the cool vibe and outstanding food! Located on Oak Street, it is a perfect reason to take the trolley. Have a glass of wine at the wine bar near the restaurant and then head on over to eat. Everyone gets a small tasty plate of lightly dressed salad greens with fried oyster on top - nice touch!
All the food is great - from the soft shell crab to the Grouper topped with crabmeat imperial. The blackened redfish is excellent and has a sauce the tastes of chipotle and chili peppers.
Everything is fresh and the place is always packed, so come and order another glass of wine and chill - your food will be worth the wait. It is loud in there but conversation is easy.
The Head Chef always seems to be in high spirits- Even on the Food Network when he made blackened redfish on St Charles during Mardi Gras!
Great but dark, crowded and noisy
by TigerMyth36 on 11/17/10
For those with sight issues and poor hearing, they may want to head elsewhere.

The tables are very close to each other and the dining are is fairly dark. This did not bother me in the least, just pointing it out to people that might be bothered by the cramped space.

Drinks came immediately and the cornbread arrived almost as quickly. I love cornbread and I liked their cornbread, but it could have at least been warm. It was not. I still liked it, but hot with some butter would have raised the rating.

I had the chicken and andouille gumbo. I was expecting a cup, but the appetizer is closer to a bowl. It was a tad sparse on the andouille but it was loaded with chicken. I mean a lot of chicken. It was very good but once again, even though it came almost immediately, it was lukewarm. Still good.

I loved the oyster on top of the spinach salad. Very light vinaigrette dressing. Overall it was good. That one fried oyster did make my stomach mad that I only had one.

I had the crawfish etouffee for my entree. Lots of crawfish and a nicely cooked etoufee. Once again, my only complaint would be it was a touch on the lukewarm side.

My friend, went with the chicken pontabla. He liked it a lot but he eats like a bird and this entree is served in a very large portion so it barely looked like he put a dent in it.

This was my first trip and I enjoyed the meal. My main beef would be that the food could stand to be hot instead of lukewarm.

Once again, for those that don't like cramped confined spaces or people with hearing aids or hearing problems, this might not be the best place for you.

My hearing stinks and my friend is just about as bad, but we still had a good time even though we did have to repeat about half our conversation.
My first visit
by Weaver on 9/19/10
Very good food. The calamari was excellent and also was the blackened redfish. The hollandaise was a little over the top though. Excellent coleslaw and mashed sweet potatoes.
Great place
by wolftiger on 7/13/10
Love the food. Got to be in the right mood to deal with the tight dining area and platoon service. But great for a large, loud group. Not so much for an intimate dinner for two.
Alligator cheesecake is a must-have.
Gotta Go
by LSUMANINVA on 3/12/10
It's just one of those places that "has it". Great food and a great atmosphere.
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