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December 26, 2014

Luke Reviews (6)
I'd return again and again.
by Gris Gris on 2/9/12
We had a noon reservation on a Saturday, though we really didn’t need one. They serve breakfast and lunch until 4 pm on weekends. I really love the atmosphere here and the space is a good one. They did a nice job with the interior. I’ve eaten here several times and it’s one of my favorite places for lunch. I haven’t eaten dinner at Luke.

I had a cup of the matzo ball soup for an app because I love matzo ball soup. The soup itself was really outstanding for chicken soup. The matzo ball is huge, heavy and dense. I was disappointed in it. They should be light and fluffy. I enjoyed the soup, though. Two diners had a cup of seafood gumbo which they really liked. No one else had apps.

Two diners had the Luke burger with fries. The fries really are good. Another diner had a pretty standard breakfast meal, which he enjoyed. One person had the cuchon de lait poboy which he liked, but didn’t love. I don’t know why he ordered it in the first place. It’s not really his kind of meal and I suggested something else. It looked good to me, though. I had the shrimp and grits with 2 poached eggs, which I loved. The sauce was a nice brown and it was just right tasty. I’d order it again. Though no one ordered anything too exciting, I think everyone enjoyed the meal. The burgers are apparently really good, though I wouldn’t order a burger there unless I ate there all the time.

I love Luke and would like to go there again and again. Service is always good and the food is very good. It's not a 5 star restaurant, but that's not what it's set up to be. It's a solid 4.

Excellent Brunch!!
by tiger114 on 8/10/11
and mimosas.
Definitely Go
by FlaBman on 10/12/10
Tried this place for lunch and was knocked out how good it was. I had this dish with duck and pork and beans and I don't know what else, but I do know it was outstanding. They serve micro brew beer brewed specifically for this restaurant based on fantastic Belgian styles. Again, outstanding.
GREAT lunch spot
by bossflossjr on 8/28/10
Everyday there is a 2 course lunch for $15.

I had the 2 course lunch: cup of gumbo and thursday special of slow cooked brisket served in cast iron skillet with a dynamite horseradish cream sauce. Gumbo was really good. Wife doesnt like seafood gumbo, but she and my son were diggin in this one.

Wife had the burger....(came too highly recommended by our friends not to). She ate half, gave the other half to me....she really enjoyed, I would have done without the carmelized onions....but thats how it came, so we ate it re: chef.

Youngest son had fried shrimp and a side of grits. The grits were grand...almost like gouda cheese grits. Shrimp were fried in corn meal....just like my dad fried our sacalait, fries, hushpuppies, squash and okra...and the way it is done at my house. The only way to fry something. They were great....the super creamy white sauce (wouldnt disgrace it by calling it tarter) was divine.

Good lunch. Carl was our waiter...did a very nice job.

Would be a regular spot if i worked in the area.

Best Burger!!
by TJG210 on 7/24/10
Went there last night for the first time and I have to say I was really impressed. I had the famous Luke burger and was thoroughly happy with it. I forget the brand of bacon that was mentioned on the menu (used on the burger), but whatever it was it was probably the best I've ever had. It had the perfect amount of hickory smoke and sweetness to it.

The wife had their vegetarian special, which she enjoyed.

All in all, a pretty good experience, and if you include 1 mint julep our total bill was only about $50.
by LSUAfro on 3/30/10
25 cent oysters every day for happy hour. 2-4-1 drinks. Veal Pate great.
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