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December 29, 2014

MiLa Reviews (3)
The tasting menus are out of this world.
by RBWilliams8 on 12/30/11
I've had their summer and spring tasting menus and they are out of this world. The wine pairing is a must.
by ProjectP2294 on 1/25/11
Venison Pate for appetizer was different, but good. I had only had pate once before, a while back, so I kind of knew what to expect, but didn't really. I enjoyed it though.

I got the sweet tea marinated duck with beets, which I liked, but I would probably get something different next time.

My cousin got the tuna. I tried a little bit and it was incredible. They put a smoked pepper rub on it and then sear it, really really good.

We went early, 6ish, so the restaurant was quiet. Service was excellent.
Excellent Service/Good Food
by Neauxla on 7/20/10
I went with my family (7) for my birthday. I wanted to get the $65 sampler but EVERYONE at your table has to get it and not enough of my family members were interested. We ended up ordering off the main menu.

Service. Service started off exceptionally as our waiter and then our bus boy introduced themselves to us and said if we needed anything to just ask. Service hit a speed bump when they were delivering water to the table and spilled a tray of glasses which went on my shirt and pants. They apologized profusely and it really wasnt a big deal. After that they took our drink orders and were very quick in returning with our drinks. Then then brought us out 2 kinds of bread and some butter and a bean spread. They then brought us a free chef's present of Halibut au gratin. Our appetizers were out shortly after that w/ beautiful presentation. They brought us out some more bread and we constantly on top of refilling drinks or water. Our entrees came out and 3 people delivered them to our table at once. The entire staff was extremely courteous and on top of their game. Then came the unexpected... We decided to forego dessert because my mother had baked a cake at home. While we were waiting for the check, the bus boy who has accidentally spilled water on me came out and gave me a glass bottle of Aqua Panna spring water as an apology. Then right when we were about to leave, the manager brought me a large B-52 shot in a brandy glass as a birthday present. (apparently he has overheard that it was my birthday) A++++ for service

Food: Everything has gorgeous presentation. Everyone enjoyed their food and no-one had any complaints that I could tell. The food I had/tasted:

BBQ Lobster: The presentation was beautiful. It came out w/ 1 pieve of claw meat leaning against a nice cut of french bread all on top of the BBQ sauce. The sauce and bread were both perfect. The Lobster was a lil chewy but that's how lobster is. I give the dish a B+. I was hoping they would find a way to make the lobster less chewy/tough.

Oysters Rockefeller: Excellent presentation. Was 6 or 8 oysters, out of the shells, lined up in a rectangular plate. each oyster sat on a bed of spnach and had a sliver of bacon on top. All surrounded by a garlic butter foam. I liked this better than my lobster. I'd give it an A (I still prefer Cochon's oyster loaf)

Lamb Loin: Medium Rare on top of an artichoke risotto. Nice presentation and pretty good. I'd give it a B or B+ The lamb was perfectly cooked and had pretty good flavor to it. The risotto was nice and creamy but the citrus in the artichoke kinda turned me off.

Duck: My date ordered the duck and it was excellent. It came on top of some greens (mustard or collard I'm not sure) and beets. She loved every bit of it. I did not taste the greens or beets but the duck was excellent. I'd give it an A.

Overall I'd say this was a good experience. The service WOWed me and the food was pleasant but did not WOW me. 4 out of 5.
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