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September 18, 2014
  12 Ratings | 3 Reviews  
100% Recommend
534 St. Louis St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-6652

Nola Reviews (3)
Good food and service
by BullredsRus on 8/25/13
Food was very good and the service was what you would expect at a nicer place. I was surprised to see some people in shorts, but I guess you are going to get that in the quarter. Appetizers are very creative. We had the stuffed chicken wings (stuffed with a shrimp and pork dressing) with a horizon sauce, and the duck and andouille meatballs with some sort of aioli and cream sauce. Both were great. Gumbo was dark and hearty like I prefer. I had the smoked duck which was very good, but after seeing the fried chicken brought to another table I wish I had gotten that. Maybe next time. My wife got the shrimp and grits and she said they were very good. Kind of like a mix of BBQ shrimp and traditional shrimp and grits. Bread pudding for dessert was a nice ending. Not your typical bread pudding, reminded me more of a sponge cake. I loved the peanut brittle they served it with and the home made ice cream was perfect. Really good food in a somewhat casual setting.
Bad Waiter, Amazing Food
by WhoDatBammer on 3/31/10
We had a waiter who was just a tick off, but don't be discouraged, the food was amazing. The ribeye was good, but the roasted duck is where it's at. Great atmosphere, and huge portions.
High Quality
by Seven Constanza on 3/10/10
There are certainly as many opinions about the best restaurants in New Orleans as there are restaurants. I have been to all of the "hot" new places, as well as the old standards, and find that the Emeril restaurants are as consistent as any I have tried in food quality and originality of their menus. Nola differs from Emeril's and Delmonico in that it is more casual and slightly less pricey. You will, however, get what you come for when you go to any of his restaurants--tastes that you generally will not find most other places. Well worth the price.
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