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December 26, 2014
  20 Ratings | 5 Reviews  
90% Recommend
Pascal's Manale
1838 Napoleon Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 895-4877
Pascal's Manale-New-Orleans

Pascal's Manale Reviews (5)
Good Food - Get the shrimp
by Tyghas on 1/31/13
I enjoyed my meal and the service was great. I got the BBQ shrimp. Cooked great but was a little messy. I wouldn't recommend getting the shrimp if you were at a business meeting.
by JOJO Hammer on 8/9/11
Everyone goes here for the BBQ shrimp, which are pretty good, but I go for their Oyster Bienville. Great food and great atmosphere.
All time Uptown favorite.....
by nacho24 on 7/1/10
Great ambience, great food, great service.
The BBQ shrimp is to die for contrary to prior reviews, but I recommend venturing away from the shrimp and trying the traditional veal dishes.
Not what it used to be
by Gris Gris on 3/19/10
Went there to have the BBQ shrimp after not having been for years. It was a nostalgic visit. I left so disappointed. The shrimp were beautiful in size and easy to peel, but the sauce was oily and lacked any real flavor at all. It wasn't even worth dipping the bread. It made me sad because years ago, many a fine time and fine meal were had there by me.

The service was really right on and some of my dining companions who didn't have the shrimp enjoyed their meals. The oysters rock were pretty good, as well. If you go, don't get the shrimp.
Great food and service!
by Gtiger9757 on 3/16/10
But their claim to fame is their BBQ shrimp, and I have had better at different places.
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