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September 20, 2014
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100% Recommend
Restaurant August
301 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 299-9777
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Restaurant August Reviews (5)
Best meal I've had in New Orleans so far
by Rohan2Reed on 3/14/12
review of dinner for two: Saturday @ 8 pm

ATMOSPHERE: The vibe and feel of the entire restaurant is exactly what I enjoy when it comes to more upscale dining. Elegant but not pretentious or fancy to the point of being stiff. (looking at you, Stella). The main dining room and little off-shoots have a nice comfortable feel and there was fun, upbeat from all the guests and staff.

SERVICE: Top notch. Our waiter was very attentive and helpful. He was polite and charming, stemming from his innate relaxed and confident personality. Only hiccup was when they sat in his section an eight-top and another group of four at the same time on top of the tables he was already attending to. This caused a 15-20 minute delay in us being able to order coffee and dessert, but I didn't mind because my wine glass was still full.

FOOD: The lady friend opted for the five-course menu. It consisted of the following (descriptions exact per the menu):

- Louisiana crawfish tails and house cured ham, blood orange, grilled "shallot" and taggiasche olives ... thought it sounded like a bit of a heavy start to a meal but the portion size was just write and the flavors created by combining these elements were very interesting and quite delicious.

- handmade tagliatelle pasta w/ truffle cured yard egg and Progress Dairy butter ... by far the worst dish of the evening. couldn't quite figure out why exactly this didn't work - perhaps too many truffles were the culprit - but it was on the edge of being inedible. the "cured" aka raw egg yolk was not pleasing at all. entire dish just fell flat.

- gulf yellowfin tuna w/ Gold Rush apple, heirloom beets, fennel, mustard (med rare - per the kitchen) ... it is amazing how flavors change as meat cooks more. the waiter told us the tuna and the steak were both served medium rare. this piece of tuna came out a little on the rare side but had some spots where it was cooked to the right temperature, and those bites when taken with a little of everything on the plate were very balanced and rich in flavor.

- slow roasted strip loin of Two Run Farms beef (med rare - per the kitchen) ... eh, not bad, not great. seasoned and cooked well, but didn't wow me.

- "affogato" espresso, dulce de leche and milk sorbet ... didn't get to try this one.

My meal was:

- fish custard served in an egg ... it's been covered here many times. I'll move on.

- an oyster appetizer (description eludes me); believe they were breading and served with lightly fried cream cheese "bulbs", bacon lardons, cous cous, parmesan ... this was one of the best appetizers I have had the pleasure of eating.

- salad of heirloom beets, crab meat, La Provence bacon, baby mustards
quail eggs with black-eyed pea crouton ... this was alright, but I think the crab/beet appetizer at Bistro Daisy is better.

- breaded speckled trout Pontchartrain w/ jumbo lump crab, wild mushrooms, and sauce hollandaise ... rich yet subdued (if that makes any sense), basically it was a refined dish that was not over-seasoned. the hollandaise tied the three other components together perfectly. one minor complaint would be I thought the trout was a tad over.

- banana pudding w/ peanut butter, marshmallow and "nilla wafer" ice cream ... simple deconstructed banana pudding that featured lightly caramelized bananas, whipped peanut butter and a light whipped cream with delicious ice cream to cool off your palate and a wafer for another good textural element. I'm not a big dessert guy but I would eat this again and again.

DRINKS: I had a gimlet to start the meal. Don't know exactly how they make their's, but it was exactly what I had in mind. Refreshing and plenty of gin with the right touch of sour. With dinner I had two glasses of Fevre Chablis Chardonnay which I really enjoyed. Nice and crisp with a bit of oak; not fruit-forward or too buttery like many West coast chardonnays. The lady had a manhattan, a glass of Bachelet-Monnot Pinot and finished up with glass of Duval Leroy champagne.

OVERALL: Simply put, the best meal I've had in New Orleans so far. I look forward to dining there again and taking friends and family.
One of the best dining experiences I've had
by Schwartz on 1/22/12
First off, let me say that this was one of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever seen. Our reservation was for 8:00, so it was already very dark outside. Approaching the outside of the building from Canal, the opulence and exquisiteness of the whole thing is very well hidden until you're right on top of the restaurant.

Stepping through the heavy double doors flanked by gas lanterns, the hostess stand and bar area are dark but welcoming. Immediately to the right is one of the main dining areas: brilliantly lit, raw brick walls are a great contrast point to the beautiful detail work and graceful, shining chandeliers in the room. Large windows look out over Tchopitoulas Street, giving those outside a glimpse at the impossibly white, impossibly wrinkle free linens, gleaming, polished silver wine buckets, and bustling service people.

At this point, I was exceedingly glad that I'd heeded glassman's advice and wore a jacket. I saw a few men wearing slacks and shirts, and while they didn't look out of place, I felt it a disservice to the experience as a whole to not look my best.

A few steps down a hallway led us to the room where we dined. A beautiful and stark contrast to the dazzling brilliance of the front dining room, this room was dimly lit, with dark rich woods surrounding us. Photographs of individual ingredients adorned the walls. Above us, a ceiling fan lent a welcome breeze to the warm air. And speaking of above us...a few hundred thousand dollars worth of wine. The mezzanine, in a U-shape, stood above our heads, proudly displaying bottles of deliciousness behind glass.

Speaking of wine, I was happy to see a sommelier working her way between tables, retrieving bottles, her wine stained napkin draped over her arm. I personally don't really enjoy wine that much, but I always find it to be reassuring to have someone who takes the beverage so seriously present; it certainly lends a sense of credibility and assuredness to the whole affair.

Once seated, we were quickly greeted by Jeff who was to be our...wait person, I suppose? August has a service methodology which I've never seen before, but thoroughly enjoyed. The main server (all that I saw were men) wore suits, took the orders, made suggestions, ran drinks, refilled waters, etc. They were all paired with wait staff wearing traditional whites and black aprons. There were also dedicated food runners, who would present the plate to you and describe the dish in detail (even though you'd just ordered it and should remember what it was.)

Overall, the service was some of the best that I'd ever witnessed. Jeff, if this review somehow finds its way to you, I'd truly like to thank you for an outstanding dining experience. (And once again, props on your pen selection. The Zebra F-301 is a fine writing instrument.)

Gin and tonic: Hendrick's, tonic water, ice, cucumber garnish. So simple, yet so easy to screw up. August did not screw this up. First of all, the drink arrived at the table roughly 3 minutes after I ordered it. The pour was so fresh that the first sip flooded my mouth and sinuses with still settling gin vapors, instantly placing me in an outstanding mood. My wife had some sort of girly mixed drink that she loved. It was pink, and I wasn't interested in it.

Amuse bouche:
I missed out on the description of what exactly this was due to the symphony like quality of the screeching harpies at the table next to us (drunk, loud, middle aged white women are really annoying ) but it was delicious. Served in a chicken egg, it was a foamy custard with a strong note of garlic. Topped with a single leaf of parsley and small dollop of caviar, it was delicious. Airy and dense at the same time, very strongly flavored.


Gnocchi with crab:

Wife ordered this one, and I only stole a small taste. The gnocchi was perfectly dense with just a little bite to the pasta. Light cream sauce and generous yet thin shaves of cheese topped everything. I don't know if there were lumps of crab in the sauce or gnocchi, but the flavor was in the bite I got: strong crab flavor, but not overwhelming.

P&J garlic crusted oysters, bacon and cream cheese dumplings:

This dish was, simply put, near perfect. The dumplings were about the size of an almond, stuffed with gooey cream cheese and perfectly salty and crunchy bacon. The sauce seemed to be pesto based. I ended up nearly licking the bowl clean. Rich, salty, was wonderful. A few fresh halved cherry tomatoes were thrown in after cooking so that they were barely wilted on the outside. They soaked up the sauce beautifully.

My only complaint with this dish: the oysters themselves. They were delicious, but severely lacking in abundance. The dumplings provided plenty of substance and flavor, but I still would have liked to see the oysters be a bit more prevalent.

Lamb, roasted vegetables:

Perfectly mid rare lamb saddle stuffed with pulled lamb shoulder. I'm unsure exactly what the sauce was, but it was divine. The saddle was delicious. Lots of that "lamb" flavor without being overpowering, cooked wonderfully. The shoulder was a perfect accompaniment, lending rich and dark flavors to the dish.

The vegetables were lined up on the left side of the plate, interspersed with rounds of browned lamb sausage. The sausage was tender, salty, not overly fatty, and had great flavor. As for the vegetables: I could have made a meal of just them. I've never seen such wondrous colors on cauliflower. Roasted to perfection, along with Brussels sprouts. My one complaint with the dish is that I could have used a few more veggies.

Smoked marrow encrusted filet:

Yes...I know. Who the hell orders a filet at a place like this? Well, my wife does evidently. I'm glad she did, too, because it was amazing. The marrow crust had the perfect crunch and deep, rich flavor. The steak was beautifully seasoned and cooked. It was served with some sort of cheesy potato mash.


Chocolate napoleon:

Spongy, dark chocolate cake. Moist, bittersweet.
Chocolate toffee crunchy wafer
Chocolate mousse
Another wafer
Ice cream

Not overly decadent, but delicious.

Banana pudding

I only stole one bite of this, but it was amazing. Was deconstructed, served with nilla wafer ice cream. Looked delicious.

Presented alongside the bill were 4 bites (per person) from the pastry kitchen. A cookie, blueberry turnover, caramel cake, and...something else that I don't recall. Great touch to complete the evening.

Overall, this was one of the finest dining experiences that I've ever had, and I can't wait to go back.

Total, without tip: $220
Prix Fix lunch and a visit from Chef Besh
by CaliforniaTigerShark on 8/3/10
Four of us went to Restaurant August to have the $20 prix fix lunch. We had my 9 year old daughter with us in our foursome. John Besh came to our table to personally take her order. She ordered "macaroni & cheese" which he personally delivered to her. He apologized about the delay and stated that he had made the pasta just for her. It was amazing.

I was disappointed with my entree of Grits and Grillades. Although the grits and sauce were fantastic, the veal was very fatty and not edible. The pate' appetizer, the fried okra salad and the desserts were great.

The service and ambiance were excellent.
you must geaux
by HotBoudin on 7/10/10
World class restaurant that makes living in New Orleans special... do not miss. Take the "feed me" approach and have an open mind.
Quick Review
by irvine555 on 3/15/10
I took the gf out to eat at Rest. August on Sat. for her b-day. Reservations were for 7:30, we arrived at 7:15 (we were early because I had never been there before and was worried about getting lost). We were seated around 7:40, so that was good.

Per the board's recommendation we got the gnoochi as an appetizer...........good choice, it was excellent. It was beautiful and tasted great.

We both decided to do the tasting menu.

Dishes in order:

1. Creme Custard inside an egg shell - treat from the kitchen, it was OK, presentation was great, but I was looking forward to the main dishes. C

2. Foie Gras Salad - not a big salad person, but this was pretty good, especially with the combination of the foie gras, some pecans, and the greens of the salad. B

3. Egg Yolk Ravioli - this was kinda of simple dish, but both me and the gf enjoyed it (and she's not a big egg fan). Basically you get one big ravioli filled with egg yolk and drizzled in a nice white sauce. B+

4. Turtle Soup - this was one of my favorite dishes. It was made with a chili base and had lumps of turtle mixed in. Great dish, but make sure you request some bread to go with it (I always need crackers or bread with soup). Gf thought it was just OK. A

5. Kobe steak with oyster dressing - ties the turtle soup as my favorite dish. Gf usually doesn't like to eat meat that's still red, but both of us thoroughly enjoyed this dish. A

6. Apple/Pear Cobbler with Peach ice cream - a decent dish, I'm not a big fan of cinnamon, so this dish was just so so, but the gf loved it. B-

Out of 5 stars:
Service: 4
Food: 5
Price: 5

I really enjoyed the place and the food (especially the steak and turtle soup). The gf really enjoyed the food too, but loved how the wines complemented the food perfectly. There was a 10 top table next to us, so it got a little noisy sometimes, but overall it was nice. I would definitely go again, just preferably on someone else's dollar.
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