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July 24, 2014

Fury's Reviews (1)
Found the prices high
by RedPop4 on 11/9/10
I've heard and read about Fury's for years, now. Back when I used to listen to Tom Fitzmorris on the radio, he'd sort of push Fury's as a great place for classic New Orleans dishes. We ate there recently, and enjoyed it tremendously. But for a slightly glorified neighborhood joint they charge about two bucks too much per offering. I'm sorry, but $12 is just too much for spaghetti and meatballs.

And, I must preface it with the fact that I think their red gravy is the best in the city that I've tried over my lifetime. It's not the chunky tomato "marinara" that so many places make now. I have nothing against those types, but I'm of Sicilian extraction, and red gravy, to me, isn't chunky. Theirs is so very tasty.

We will return, and will recommend, as all of our food was executed so nicely. The veal was near perfect, crisply fried and flavorful. The eggplant chips were crispy, as well, and I'm not an eggplant person. The red beans and rice were flavorful and plentiful.

I give three stars ONLY because it's a fairly spartan, neighborhood place with prices a smidgen too high. Otherwise, a really solid place with its identity firmly in place and the food suiting it to a "t."
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