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December 25, 2014

R & O's Reviews (8)
Great Food and Nice Atmosphere!
by LSUSoulja08 on 8/27/13
The shrimp poboy was really good, one of the better ones I have had, and that's alot of shrimp poboys I assure you.

The staff was really nice but didn't hover. Very laid back and the food came out quick, which was nice considering there was around 10 of us.

I would recommend anyone looking for some good seafood or a poboy that they go and check out R & O's!!
One of the best PoBoys in Nola
by Section225 on 2/7/13
Shrimp and Roast beef poboys are the bomb!!!
The Po-Boy
by WarCamEagle on 1/29/13
I visited NO to see my uncle and we stopped by R&O's.The Po-Boy I had was to die for. The scenery and style of the restaurant was fabulous and the staff were great. I will definitely be going back soon.
The muffs are my favorite-update 1/29/13
by Gris Gris on 1/12/12
Ate there a few days ago. Service was excellent for a table of 12. They were very busy. I had the seafood platter with stuffed crab. I don't care for the breading they use on the seafood. I prefer more of a cornmeal mixture for oysters and fish, but the platter was generous and very good. Oysters were HUGE. Got 5 and it was like eating 10. Stuffed crab was nothing to write home about, though.

Ordered a half muff "to travel". They will package it anyway you want. Their muffs are my favorite. They season the olive salad so it's a little spicier than most. There's a generous about of meat and cheese. The bread is excellent. They warm the muff so that the bread is a bit crispy on the outside and I did the same at home. DELICIOUS!

Tasted a fry with their gravy on it. The gravy is really tasty and they sell it by the cup or bowl if you like to take it to go.

Update: Had the muff again. I've decided that it's the very best I've ever had. The olive salad is delicious. Brought a quart of it home with me.
Great all around
by Kirk Herbstreit on 11/3/10
I hadn't been to R&O's in about 10 years but was in town and decided to go last month. It was better than I ever remembered. I ordered the Shrimp Poboy which was great, and the atmosphere was very relaxed, casual and even family oriented. It was a great experience all around and made me remember how much I miss living in New Orleans.
Shrimp Po-Boy Rules!
by mgautrea on 7/10/10
Had one last week. It was awesome!
Great Roast beef poboy!
by fatboydave on 3/24/10
In town last week and had to make a run to R&O for the roast beef poboy and cheese fries. Meet and gravy are fabulous!
Roast beef poboy
by sstig on 3/7/10
I have eaten here several times and the roast beef poboy is the ticket. All of their poboys come on wonderful bread and are plenty big. good atmosphere, neighborhood feel. I go every time I am in N O.
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