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December 28, 2014
  12 Ratings | 4 Reviews  
83% Recommend
Casa Garcia
8814 Veterans Memorial Blvd Ste 9
Metairie, LA 70003
(504) 464-0354
Casa Garcia-New-Orleans

Casa Garcia Reviews (4)
Casa Garcia has long been the standard for Metaire Kenner tex mex
by Napoleon on 8/27/13
A meal at Casa was a monthly thing growing up, and it is a favorite for many. The food is always consistent, and good. But in recent years I've noticed a slide in service.
Other than that, this is a place I go to at least twice a year, and I have never had a bad meal.
Good Mexican for a good price
by ladytiger118 on 12/24/11
Casa Garcia is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Metairie. Free bean dip & salsa which are delicious; and the entrees are good quality and quantity for the price. The Lunch menu has great bargains.
by HotBoudin on 7/10/10
Friday night means margaritas at the Casa....
Very Good Fajitas
by TigerMyth36 on 7/4/10
I just got back from my first meal at Casa Garcia and I was pleasantly surprised by the food.

I should state that we arrived before noon so the restaurant was nearly empty. When busy the service may not be the same.

We were immediately seated. After a few minutes the waiter arrived and apologized for making us wait.

The hot chips arrived with both a salsa and bean dip. Both were decent enough and the chips were great.

I wanted to get an appetizer but after the chips and bean dip there was no need. The chips and dips were replaced before they were even empty.

The waiter stopped by constantly to refill the iced teas. He also apologized for the delay which I hadn't noticed because I was too busy nom nom noming down the chips and dips.

We ordered the chicken fajitas for two. At first I thought they seemed a little light on chicken for two, but we were both stuffed by the end of the meal.

The chicken had a wonderful flavor. The onions and peppers were great although slightly undercooked. I just moved the chicken to one side and allowed the onions and peppers to continue cooking for a minute.

I wasn't a big fan of the charro beans and my guest was unhappy that the meal did not come with rice.

The condiments weren't great. I am not a big fan of pico da gallo and they gave a massive helping of that and a big helping of shredded cheese, but just a small dollop of sour cream and guacamole. 3 tortillas is a touch light although it was all I needed but most places usually give 4 or 5 per person.

The condiments weren't really necessary as onions, peppers and flavorful chicken tasted just great.

Definitely some of the best fajitas I have had in a long time although that isn't saying much since I usually just get the bland fajitas from Cuccos or Superior.

$39.00 for the fajitas for two and iced teas and the tip.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this place. I plan to go back and dump Superior and Cuccos for good.
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