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December 28, 2014
  4 Ratings | 2 Reviews  
75% Recommend
Lake House
2025 Lakeshore Drive
Mandeville, LA 70448
(985) 626-3006
Lake House-New-Orleans

Lake House Reviews (2)
lunch plus a rehersal dinner in the evening and both were excellent.
by charlied on 3/28/11
food,service, attitude,drinks,everything was very very good. Not 5 star simply because the downstairs area itself is very generic and tired but that kind of lends itself to the character.
GumboPot on Lake House
by GumboPot on 6/30/10
I ate there for lunch once about 6 month ago. I was some what disappointed. In fact I forgot what I ordered that day. I don't necessarily remember the food being bad, I just remember that the service was not up to snuff. It took a long time for the food to come out and when it did come out the order was wrong. What really aggravated me was that the waitress took our order (5 of us) without writing the order down. I'm like WTF. I wasn't impress me at all. What's more important to me than the waitresses memory skills is getting the order correct. Anyway, I don't want to come down on the Lake House b/c of one waitress. It's not my first choice because of that experience but I'll probably give them another shot soon.

BTW, if done right the Lake House has potential to be a 5 star.
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