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December 29, 2014
  44 Ratings | 9 Reviews  
61% Recommend
Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar
3838 Burbank Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 757-8010
Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar-Baton-Rouge

Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar Reviews (9)
Needs to bring back the chicken croissant sandwich.
by RBWilliams8 on 8/20/13
Sourdough is not the same thing no matter what your staff says.
by Bucket on 2/9/13
I just wish the food was better. No bad, not really great. Just bar food with a good atmosphere.
Only go during LSU sporting events
by Indfanfromcol on 2/1/13
Go on just a normal day, the food sucks and is over priced.
Walk-On's Review
by oOoLsUtIgErSoOo on 8/8/11
Great atmosphere for any LSU fan near the day of a football game. Often has live bands that are usually pretty good. Great bar, with wonderful selection of well priced beer. Food is average
Alligator wrap
by ComicTiger on 7/19/11
The only redeeming factor for that place is a new discovery for me, the alligator wrap. Tasty and fresh, unlike so much of the microwaved crap the majority of the menu is made of.

Waffle cheese fries are decent.

Basically, it's a good place to drink a beer, but there's lots of places for that. Avoid the food, cept for that wrap and the cheese fries.
Good for the boobs and brew
by TigerByte on 3/3/11
Food is just there to keep you half way sober
Not the best, but worth it
by Boh on 8/4/10
Walk-On's gets a lot of undeserved hate it seems like. With its great location and great LSU atmosphere, I enjoy going in after a round of golf at the LSU course (free beer with course receipt). The cheese fries are definitely the best menu item I've tried. For entree, the catfish acadiana is delicious (blackened for me). Some of the items are obviously premade or put in a microwave (last time I had the red beans and rice, the sausage looked, felt, and tasted like it was just nuked).

All in all, with the nice bar area, LSU atmosphere, and some tasty options on the menu, I think it's worth checking out. The service is usually decent and the salad options are nice.
Cheese Fries...
by brgfather129 on 7/24/10
Giving Walk-On's four stars because I love the waffle cheese fries, all that I order. Cannot speak to the quality of the other menu items.
by Tigertown in ATL on 7/16/10
Walk Ons does not have the best food in the world. Or the best service.

But it is a fun place to go. It is bright and vibrant and reeks LSU. I always like to go when I am in BR.
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