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December 25, 2014
  14 Ratings | 6 Reviews  
79% Recommend
Hungry Howie's
5201 Nicholson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70820
(225) 761-4694
Hungry Howie's-Baton-Rouge

Hungry Howie's Reviews (6)
Crust is the best part
by Brageous on 12/24/11
The pizza is average but the choices of different crusts makes them stand out slightly from others. Worth a try once.
Best Late Night Option
by BLIZZAKE7 on 3/3/11
The Pepperoni w/ Ranch Crust is amazing.
Great Price
by tigerfan102 on 1/25/11
Pizza is definitely average, but the price is what really should draw your attention. $5 medium pizza with flavored crust is a deal that cannot be matched. Pizza itself is better than dominoes and most other chains but doesnt come close to other places such as reginelles or johnnys
by Chazz Reinhold on 8/20/10
Get the pizza sandwich. Like a calzone but easier to eat on the run.
Cheap and better than most
by msutiger on 7/10/10
Whenever we order pizza this is where we get it from. I enjoy it better than any other pizza place in the area. Although they have messed up my order a few times
pretty mediocre
by puffulufogous on 7/1/10
It's inexpensive. Otherwise, the pizza isn't very good. Might be a little bit better than domino's, but that doesn't say much.
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