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October 20, 2014
  52 Ratings | 20 Reviews  
96% Recommend
American Market
5251 Nicholson Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70820
(225) 767-7531
American Market-Baton-Rouge

American Market Reviews (20)
American Market is awesome!
by TDsngumbo on 8/26/13
Perfect for the college student. Their sandwiches are always very fresh and made to order. They know me by name and always make me feel appreciated. They're great!
Cheap, Quick, Good.
by WITNESS23 on 8/25/13
AM Mart has my favorite sandwich in town. Call them when you leave the house and it is ready for pick up when you get there.
Decent selection of meats and cheeses for your sandwich. Zapps potato chips come with the meal, as well as a fountain drink.
Great sandwicheS!!!
by StonewallJack on 8/18/13
I eat here every chance I get!! The subs are Tasty and loaded with meat. The only thing that rivals the flavor is the excellent pricing for the meal!
Favorite Sandwich in BR
by Indfanfromcol on 2/4/13
The hot sausage sandwich has to be one of my most favorite sandwiches of all time, especially in Baton Rouge.
Love AM mart
by 03GeeTee on 2/2/13
My favorite sandwiches in BR. I prefer the cajun turkey and peperjack cheese is a must. Really good value for $5.99 when it comees with chips and a drink.
No complaints!
by NashBamaFan on 1/29/13
Came from out of town. Great food, great service
I love me some AM Mart
by rondo on 1/29/13
Sandwiches are so tasty....If you have the means, I highly recommend you picking one up
AM Mart sandwich - best in town
by SouthOfSouth on 1/29/13
I cannot go more than a week without getting a cajun turkey sandwich on wheat bread. Delicious food, good service, and inexpensive. You really can't go wrong at American Market.
Best sandwiches for the money in B.R.
by F Head on 12/26/11
Fresh bread and generous toppings make this an awesome place to grab a sandwich.
by biglosdaddy on 8/9/11
Friendly service every time I go, an very quick. Food is good as well.
by Cajun Revolution on 3/10/11
I like LLs sammiches better.
A Louisiana lady's favorite, I'd imagine
by The Sad Banana on 3/9/11
What more can you say? Fresh deli meat, fresh rich breads, the most delicious cheeses...all with Zapp's and if you're lucky, a Tootsie Roll! An LSU favorite.
Absolutely recommend this
by Funreaux on 3/3/11
Cajun Turkey, Pepper Jack Cheese, all the way... You won't regret it.
a very good option near campus
by puffulufogous on 7/1/10
What can you say about this place? It's been a staple around campus for a long time. The sandwiches are inexpensive and pretty good. Don't expect gourmet, but it is still one of the best places for a quick pick-up order. The staff is usually very courteous and quick with your order.
A must stop!
by Enigma on 6/30/10
This is one of the few must-stop places in Baton Rouge.

The cajun-turkey sandwich is out of this world.
Sandwiches Are Amazing
by redneck on 6/30/10
I usually call about 5 minutes before I get there and the sandwich, bag of zapps chips, and 32 oz drinking are waiting for, for only 6 bucks! They have every kind of meat you could imagine. I usually get the cajun turkey but you can not go wrong with anything there and they are family owned and very nice. 5 Stars!
Top Notch Sandwiches
by yankeeundercover on 6/30/10
Great sandwiches, definitely an LSU staple...and it's not bad for a beer run or booze/cigs.
helpful hint
by tigers470 on 6/28/10
It's on the menu, but no one knows about it. Order the sandwich on pita bread. Even Better!

Girls there are too nice, and Karen will always remember you.

Good place to buy liquor and wine also.
College Kids' Crack
by BenjaminFranklin on 6/28/10
Cheap sandwiches never tasted this good... I'll take an Am Mart Cajun turkey or roast beef sandwich over a trip to Subway any day. The sandwiches aren't gourmet in any sense of the word, but they are cheap, filling, and delicious. Am Mart also has a surprisingly decent wine selection.
Great Place!
by Brageous on 6/26/10
Not really a sit down place, but more of a convenience store market that has great 14 inch subs with chips and a drink for just 6 dollars. It's a family owned store and everyone is nice. If you are looking for a quick bite, this place is a must try!
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