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October 23, 2014

Coyote Blues Reviews (8)
Coyote Blues
by Bucket on 2/9/13
I keep trying to like this place but find it hard. Food is good, expensive but good. Better Mexican food can be found.
Very good mexican with a cajun flare
by BullredsRus on 1/29/13
Hands down the best steak fajitas in BR, and it's not even close. The duck quesidillas are very good too. the steak fajitas for one could really be split between two people in my opinion, a lot of meat there.
Steak Fajitas
by TheUnderDog on 12/27/11
They have the best steak fajitas in baton Rouge
Best Mexican in a while~
by Icceytiger on 12/24/11
Although the prices are a little high .... the food is is loud as other posters have stated but over all this place rocks
The good food outweighs the negatives
by TravelSmartly on 8/13/11
Some of the best tasting Mexican food in Baton Rouge. However, the place is louder than a Slayer concert and it always seems like half of Lafayette is in there.
Quick and tasty lunch
by tenortoga on 3/23/11
Met the wife for lunch there, I had never been before. The waitress was plesant and attentive. The service was quick, we were in and out in less than 45 minutes, which is a plus for me for lunch during the week. I would note that even though we were only there 45 minutes we never felt rushed.
The free chips are nothing special. The salsa has a vinegar taste with very little else standing out. However, the guacomole that comes with it was very good.
Wife and I both ordered off the lunch menu. At the recommendation of the waitress I had the seafood burrito. It was a flour tortilla stuffed with mexican rice and a seafood sauce that contained crawfish and shrimp(probably imported) and topped with cheese. This was a very tasty dish; however, it does not come with a side. At 10.99 I would have expected it to be served with a side of rice and/or beans.
The wife got the taco salad. I did not try it but she raved about it. This has to be the biggest taco salad I have ever seen and two people could easily split it. She passed on the dressing, opting instead to use the salsa. She took over half of the salad home. The salad was very heavy on the Jalepanos, which is a plus as far as I'm concerned. If you do not like Jalepanos you will want to specify that in advance.
We did not get alcohol due to me having to return to work but the happy hour specials seemed decent. I did examine the beer selection and other than a decent selection of Mexican beers, the selection was lacking. There was a very large Tequilia list.
Overall we were very pleased. The food was great, if a bit overpriced, the service was excellent and fast.
A unique idea with mediocre execution
by sweet niblets on 7/16/10
Infusing Louisiana tastes with traditional Mexican dishes, Coyote Blues is definitely different from many of the run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurants around the Baton Rouge area. That being said, the restaurants flagship dishes are all overpriced, running $20 or more for an average-sized entree. If you want to eat on a budget--and by on a budget, I still mean $12 or more--you'll have to stick to a regular-old mexican staple (e.g., burritos, tacos, etc.), and these aren't even that good. Throw in sub-par service and somewhat boring atmosphere, and I think Coyote Blues is a recipe for mediocrity at best.
Best Fajitas in BR!
by nacho24 on 7/1/10
I'm a big fan of Superior but have recently been dining at Coyote Blues and have become a huge fan. The fajitas cannot be beat! If you are in the mood for beef splurge on the kobe fajitas and I promise you will not be disappointed. Amazing flavor to go along with the tenderness of the kobe beef.

Also, the queso with ground beef is super legit.
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