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December 25, 2014

Chimes East Reviews (3)
Beer, beer, food, and beer
by Casty McBoozer on 2/2/13
What's not to like about a place that has over 100 beers on tap. I discovered my favorite beer ever at Chimes. Grimbergen Dubbel. Mmmmmmmm. The food is pretty kick-ass too.
Chimes East needs a reset
by hawkster on 9/24/10
Food is not as good as Chimes LSU or Parrain's (same owners). The place is louder than a bowling alley. Attracts large parties of guests who try to scream over the roar to each other and the noise intensifies to the point of being painful. Might be fine for happy hour drinking and socializing. Not enjoyable at all for normal dining.
Great apps + nice bar
by LSUAfro on 7/21/10
The bar has somewhere around 50 beers on tap as well as about 150-200 in bottles. Great selection. They have many high end liquors all at a reasonable price.

Entrees at The Chimes are decent, but it's not what I consider their strong point. They prepare most everything from scratch.

Best Apps: Sauteed crab claws, boudin balls, blackened gator, spin/art dip, stuffed mushrooms & Jalapenos are all real good.
Entrees: BBQ shrimp is a solid dish for the price as well is the pork chops. I really like the red beans & rice and for 7 bucks w/ a salad it's hard to beat.

Great place for a drink and appetizer after work.
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