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December 27, 2014
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86% Recommend
Maison Lacour
11025 North Harrells Ferry Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 275-3755
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Maison Lacour Reviews (4)
The best
by Lsu fan rg on 2/17/13
Maison Lacour is the best place to eat in Baton Rouge. Wonderful Cajun and French food. Their bread, made there, is scrumptious. Every time we are in town,we go there,except Mondays when they are closed.
Delicious food, but small portions.
by LSUBoo on 8/25/11
I finally got the chance to check this place out with the family a few days ago, and while I left very impressed with the flavors and food, the portion sizes just were underwhelming.

We started with some venison sausage, which was okay but probably the low point of the meal. The meat was a little crumbly and the mustard sauce didn't seem to add much to it. I still enjoyed the sausage flavor a lot, just not quite on their A-game with this one.

Shortly after the appetizer the salad arrived... a house salad with a vinaigrette dressing, a few leaves of lettuce with tomatoes and pecans. I really enjoyed the pecan & vinaigrette flavor together, but it was really only about 4 leaves of lettuce. Hardly enough to call a salad it seemed more like a garnish.

The steak, on the other hand, was fantastic. I ordered the filet with buerre rouge & crawfish tails and everything about the meat was perfect. The sauce was excellent and the crawfish tails added a nice change in flavor and texture to contrast with the well cooker filet. The steak came with veggies on the side, but again this was weak. A small potato, 5 green beans, and one slice of carrot was all. Really? I didn't expect a whole bowl of veggies but I really was looking for a little more on the side here.

I also had a chance to try a bit of the lamb shank, and that was the best flavor of the night... if I go back, I'm going to lamb route for sure!

All in all I left satisfied, but be wary that you're not going to get a lot of food.
Hello, Maison Lacour, long-time reader - first-time diner here...
by RummelTiger on 2/6/11
Okay, so Maison Lacour is awesome....

They looked busy, but not crowded last night, and the atmosphere was great. You could hear other tables conversations if they were talking loud enough, but I find that to be interesting at times - especially last night.

Service was great - there when you needed them, but out of your hair enough to allow you to enjoy your meal. 10/10

I was drinking the house Pinot Noir, Les Salices, and found it to be very smooth and enjoyable. I'll be looking for a bottle of it around town. Mrs. RT got the Beringer Zinfandel - she doesn't really care about wine all that much, so I think she was pleased with the choice, but it didn't matter that much to begin with. 9/10 only because I wish they had more choices by the glass.

We got the shrimp ravioli with white cream sauce for an appetizer, and it was excellent. The sauce was rich and creamy, and the ravioli was done perfectly. 10/10

I'm not a fan of rabbit food, so salads don't usually interest me, but I found the house vinaigrette to be very tasty. It was also a good size, as well. Not rating this because it's a salad, and salads do not deserved to get ranked.

Bread, on the other hand...

The bread was solid. I think we went through 3 baskets? Shut-up...don't judge me. Warm and soft on the inside, with a good crust on the exterior. 9/10 because I wish the butter wasn't straight out of the fridge and hard as a rock.

For entree's, I got the veal chop, cognac flambe' and sauteed with cream and mushrooms and the Mrs. got the scallops, sauteed with butter and lemon juice.

The veal chop was incredible. It was tender, massive, and when combined with a mushroom and sauce - fantastic. There was also a dollop of mashed potatoes on the plate - they were pretty bland by themselves, but I'm pretty sure the point was to have it mixed in with the chop and sauce, and not as a stand-alone side. When combined - the potatoes worked very well.

The Mrs. was also complimentary of her plate. The scallops, except one, were all cooked well and there were more on the plate than she had expected. There were two, large, grilled mushrooms (I believe), which worked nicely with the scallops.

10/10 on the entree's.

Ended it with a couple of cups of coffee - CC, so another 10/10.

Overall, one of the better meals I've had in a while and I would definitely recommend Maison Lacour - already looking forward to a return visit.
Awesome in every way
by zippyputt on 8/8/10
Wonderful service and food. Atmosphere is very romantic and is the place for a lovely evening. We've been going for 15+ years.
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