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December 24, 2014
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100% Recommend
Johnny's Seafood
5104 Lapalco Boulevard
Marrero, LA 70772
(504) 349-3500
Johnny's Seafood-New-Orleans

Johnny's Seafood Reviews (1)
Long-time purveyors of quality seafood
by CrazyTigerFan on 7/15/10
Johnny's Seafood has been selling seafood on the West Bank for generations. While they've long since moved from Algiers to their current Lapalco Blvd location in Marrero, you can still get good live or boiled seafood when it's in season as well as a variety of prepared foods and pre-picked seafood meats (when available). My grandfather and his brother bought from Johnny's, my father has bought and does buy from Johnny's, and my cousins and I buy from Johnny's too.

There are also platters and po-boys available for dine in or carry out, and a variety of seafood pastas, soups, bisques, and dishes to choose from depending on what's available at the time. Even during the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, the (current) elder Johnny has managed to bring in some shrimp and some soft shelled crabs. Since there is not always a steady stream of seafood available, and with crawfish season winding down, the (current) younger Johnny has been making roasts and has added roast beef po-boys to the menu.

In addition to prepared dishes, po-boys, boiled seafood, and live seafood, Johnny's also can cater for medium and large events. The dining space in-store is limited, but get some stuffed artichokes, some crawfish bisque, some BBQ shrimp pasta, or whatever else you're hungry for and have a nice meal at home without having to do all the prep work.
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