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November 21, 2014

Magnolia Grill Reviews (2)
I left scratching my head
by Degas on 8/3/11
Started with the stuffed mushrooms which were actually pretty good, then moved onto the entree. When I order red meat in restaurants, it's either rare or medium rare, and anything past medium rare is overcooked for my taste. Ordered medium rare and the dish came absolutely well done - completely gray and dry. The owner swung by and asked how it was, and I showed her how well done it was. With it obviously way overcooked and into well done, I would have handled it by saying, "I'm sorry, it's clearly overcooked. Let me get you another right away." Instead, she handed me a line of bs..."Even though it looks well done, it's actually cooked medium rare." I lost all faith in their abilities at this point.

The poor execution coupled with the delusional perspective of the owner means I probably won't be back.

Two stars instead of one because the appetizer and sweet potato fries weren't bad, and the friendliness of the waitstaff was much appreciated.
Worth a second try.
by GRITSBabe on 8/1/10
In keeping with my pledge to eat local, I gave it a try. I liked the decor- warm colors, nice art on the wall, cool lighting. They did a good job of not making it feel like it's in a strip center. They do need to lose the fake plants. The service was prompt and pleasant. Only complaint was that they didn't refill my water until after I'd finished eating. I ordered the appetizer combo ($9.95)- 2 slices of fried green tomato with 4 baby fried shrimp and a drizzle of what they called a remoulade but was more of a dijon mustard sauce, plus a lump crab cake on a bed of romaine with more of the mustard sauce. The tomato and the shrimp were nicely fried and tasted fresh. The crab cake was, I'm sorry to say, a bit disappointing. There was no lump crab in the cake, and it tasted like processed crab stuffing. Not bad (I like crab stuffing), but not memorable. My friend ordered a shrimp poboy ($7.95). The bread was good, had the same shrimp as I had on the tomato, but not a lot of them. Came with a ton of seasoned fries, the same kind you get at Arby's or Jack in the Box. I was still hungry, so I ate some of the fries. Not sure I can award the thumbs up, but I'm willing to give it another chance with some different choices. They do breakfast on Sunday, and Steak Night on Wednesday. Eclectic menu, including chicken schwarma!?
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