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December 27, 2014

Tartine Reviews (3)
Still good
by Cosmo on 2/10/13
Go to this place at least once a month. While the menu and restaurant are small everything is delicious and fresh, particularly the bread. Have had everything on the menu at least once, favorites are the steak sandwich, ham and brie tartine and the baked eggs in brioche for breakfast.

All items are priced around $10 which is fair for the quality of food though portions are rather small.
Tartine Breakfast
by JMTIGER85 on 9/9/10
After hearing nothing but good things about this place, I decided to check it out yesterday for breakfast. Walking into the place, the first thing I notice was the aroma from the kitchen. All the fresh bread that was baking was quite the first impression. I ordered the daily quiche and a cup of coffee. ($6) It was a ham and mustard quiche, and the taste and texture was perfect. The crust really put it over the top for me. The portion was the perfect size, and came with a small bowl of fresh watermelon. I highly recommend breakfast, and will be trying lunch shortly.
A new hidden gem.
by glassman on 7/31/10
Today was my second visit for breakfast at Tartine. Both times I have gotten the quiche, a scone and a cup of coffee.
The restaurant has a charming ambience and friendly staff. They also have a patio that should be very nice once we head into fall.

My first visit was one week ago. The quiche was filled with pancetta, picquillo peppers and gruyere. Light and airy, simply delicious. The quiche came with a bowl of blueberries and cantaloupe. The scone was perfect, filled with blueberries, cranberries and raisans.

This morning the quiche was ham, spinach and goat cheese. Again very light and airy, almost souffle like. Tartine makes the best quiche I have ever eaten. Todays side for the quiche was red and white grapes, pineapple cubes and blueberries. The scone today was cranberries and walnuts with a lemon-honey glaze. Not a sugary glaze, but a clear one. Was very good.

If I have one complaint it is that they only serve "regular coffee". I will register as a small complaint and not really worry about it. If you live in NO or visit I highly recommend this charming hidden gem. A strong four stars. I can't wait to try lunch. Maybe today!!
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