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November 27, 2014
  6 Ratings | 2 Reviews  
83% Recommend
900 Harrison Ave
New Orleans, LA 70124
(504) 224-2633

2 Reviews for Mondo
by BottomlandBrew on 2/22/12
Stopped in for lunch one day and had the meatloaf. My girlfriend had the smoked brisket sandwich. Meatloaf was $13 and was a little high for the serving size, but pretty tasty. Brisket sandwich was around $9, was reasonably priced, and an above ordinary sandwich. Bartender was a little too chatty, even for a bartender, but overall a pleasant little lunch. I'll go back.

A bonus comment: I'm a beer drinker and was pleasantly surprised to see a small, varied tap list and no macro-brews on the list.
by bee Rye on 8/20/10
Maybe I was expecting too much out of Spicer, but this place just didn't do it for me. Drinks were expensive and small. The food was just plain. The flavors were boring. I felt that I could have made a better meal at home, and thats not what I pay $100 for.
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