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December 26, 2014
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100% Recommend
723 Dante St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 861-7610

4 Reviews for Brigtsen's
Would definitely return.
by Gris Gris on 5/30/12

I really like this place. I love the old house that it’s in. The rooms are smalls, but it all works and you sort of feel like you’re eating in someone’s home.

Service is spot on and it appears that they don’t have a turnover in staff. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, but it’s not overblown.

The apps are VERY generous.


Diner 1-Pulled pork with corn maque choux griddlecake, napa slaw and pepper jelly glaze. The amount of the pork was almost entre size and the cake was very large. He loved this.

Me: Shrimp Remoulaude with deviled egg, guacamole and mirliton corn relish. Odd combo, but it worked. There were 5 extra large shrimp and the relish was so good that I wished I’d had a large serving of it. It had a combo of flavors that were really delicious. I can’t figure out what it was that made it so good. It was very clean looking. No obvious dry seasonings. I’m think the mirliton may have been pickled in with some jalapenos. I’d really like to know the ingredients. It was not a wet relish to any great degree, either.

Diner 2 : Rabbit tenderloin with andouille parmesan grits cake, spinach and creole mustard sauce. I got to taste the sauce and the cake which were both excellent. The sauce was very creamy. There were 2 or 3 large tenderloins on the plate. Very good.

Diner 3 : Mustard and cornmeal fried Des Allemands catfish with tomato, red onions and roasted jalapeno tartar sauce. I didn’t taste this but she said it was excellent. I think there were 3 nice pieces of catfish and she said the sauce was really good. She loves tartar sauce, though she doesn’t bury the fish with it…just a wee bit on a bite is good for her. Same with me.


Diner 1: broiled Gulf redfish with crabmeat parmesan crust, mushrooms and lemon mousselline. He got it sans the mushrooms with the mousselline on the side. He’s not a fish eater and was pretty full from the mound of pulled pork in the app. He ordered it to try something different. He loved the crust. The fish was okay for him as a non fish eater, but I tasted it and it was very good.

Me and Diner 3: Seafood platter or the “shell beach diet” as they call it. This is a VERY GENEROUS amount of food. What I like about it is that it’s not the typical fried seafood platter and it’s more like getting little apps of various dishes, which I like to do sometimes, anyway.

It came with:
Grilled drum with crawfish etouffee. This was good, but I ate more of the other items and there was just too much food to eat this. The fish tasted very good and the crawfish were good, but I didn’t eat them together. I’m not much on fish covered with etouffee. I don’t get it.

Shrimp cornbread with jalapeno smoked corn butter-delicious! It was moist and served in a little ramekin, so you ate it with a fork. It didn’t come out of the ramekin like a piece of cornbread. I loved it.

Baked oyster LeRuth with shrimp and crabmeat. Also delicious. Served in a foil clam shell. Sauce was really good.

Baked oyster with crawfish, mushrooms and leeks. Served the same way as the other and with a delicious sauce. The oysters were my favorite on the plate, though it was difficult to decide.

Blackened yellowfin tuna with arugula & organic radish dressing. I’m not a big tuna eater and I didn’t eat much of this because of the quantity of food, but the flavor was very very good. Tuna lovers would enjoy this.

Sea scallop Sardou with creamed spinach and artichokes. Outstanding, as well. The scallop was seared and seasoned and the sauce was just great.

The platter is well worth it and I’d recommend it, but you probably don’t need an app or more than a salad before if you order it.

Diner 2: He got the same dish as Diner 1 and really liked it.

We shared a few banana bread puddings with praline sauce which were excellent. The dish was served warm and it was just right as an ending to the meal.

The food was prompt but not rushed. Service was great.

by SomewhereDownInTX on 7/26/11
One of the best meals of my life....from appetizer to dessert all were top notch.
Top 5 restaurant in the city
by Cosmo on 7/3/10
This is a place I come back to time and time again and it is always perfect. Great service, intimate setting and consistently delicious food. When I have people in from out of town, this is my go to place along with Clancy's.
Still Excelling after All These Years
by Mr. Geaux on 2/23/10
After not dining at Brigtsen’s for quite awhile, I was anxious to see if the restaurant maintained the top-notch status that I had known. During a recent dinner at the restaurant, my expectations were exceeded. The food and service were outstanding.

For an appetizer, the Oysters & Artichokes au Gratin was very good. The serving size was almost too large for one, and was a perfect size to share.

For entrees, I would recommend both the Broiled Gulf Fish and the Sauteed Veal. The broiled fish was crusted with crabmeat and parmesan, and served with a great sauce (lemon mousselline). The veal was outstanding and was served in an osso bucco sauce with asparagus and cheese grits. Chef Frank’s reputation for great sauces was clearly evident in these dishes.

For dessert, the Pecan Pie was excellent and was a great conclusion to an outstanding dinner.
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