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December 27, 2014
  5 Ratings | 2 Reviews  
80% Recommend
Beach Corner Bar & Grill
4905 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 488-7357

2 Reviews for Beach Corner Bar & Grill
Great Burgers, but....
by townlaw on 3/2/13
This was a great tasting burger...excellent size and quality. The service is slow. I was alone at the bar with nobody arround and it took 45 minutes to get a burger. The menu only has kids food; e.g. burger, etc.
Here is the problem! The very nice young man who was working the bar, working the cash register, and cooking the burgers never washed his hands. He would make change at the cash register with dirty paper money, turn and with the same hands put some garnish in a basket for a burger after touching the filthiest thing on earth...our greenbacks. Then he would pick up the used cups at the bar where the patrons have placed their mouth and hands, wipe off the bar with a wet dirty rag, and then go back and handle the food without getting near the sink and washing his hands. In between he would fondle his nose and pick his butt. Maybe this is a great place to build up immunity from all the bugs that NOLA offers and that is what they are trying to do. But I will not go back. Once you have "seen sausage made", you never go back. I saw my burger made and I had to think twice about eating it. I am not sure why I did. Missed breakfast and this was a late lunch...had no control. Burger just looked great in spite of its origins.
Do yourself a favor!!!
by Sid in Lakeshore on 11/5/10
Try the Burgers from the Grill

Grill is open late.......Great burgers!!

Not quite Port-of-call, but close.
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