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September 16, 2014
  34 Ratings | 8 Reviews  
74% Recommend
Bourbon House
144 Bourbon St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-0111

8 Reviews for Bourbon House
the Bourbon House...
by ApolloStPierre on 2/12/10
Starting with a selection of over 50 of the restaurant's namesake liquor, the Bourbon House has a delicious menu of a more refined take on traditional south louisiana and cajun fare.

To Louisiana natives, it might be oft-putting to go to a fine dining establishment to try New Orleans Peel N Eat BBQ Shrimp for $26, but others will enjoy the execution of classic dishes they might have eaten in their maw maw's kitchen when they were young. The menu is pricey, but not overly so.

Also, if you're ever wandering around the quarter and feel like having a nice meal and drinking some bourbon, stop in, order a w.l. weller 12 year, and enjoy yourself. The bar is a great place to take a load off.

Not the best in the amazing Brennan family of restaurants, but certainly not the worst- which by their standard means it's pretty damn good.
Very Solid place
by TutHillTiger on 8/29/13
Great location and very solid food depending on what you get can be excellent.
Excellent food at a reasonable price!
by Spankum on 8/22/13
The buffalo frog legs appetizer was absolutely the best frog legs I have ever tasted! I have never had a sauce that is so full of flavor, yet did not overwhelm the mildness of the frog.

My entree was barbecue shrimp, which were also excellent...a double handful of monster shrimp cooked to perfection in a traditional New Orleans style sauce. The shrimp were served head and shell on, so they are a bit messy to eat...but just roll up your sleeves and dive in! All complimented with a fist-sized biscuit to soak up the leftover sauce.
Great place considering location
by bbrou33 on 8/19/13
I typically find myself eating at Bourbon house before spending a night in the Downtown area. I'm a big bourbon and food fan and this place provides a great selection of both. Recently they started charging an extra $5 for a glass of bourbon, however it's for the souvenir glass that they provide. You can keep it and have the front box it up for you, or return it to the front and they give you $5 cash back/glass.
Atmosphere is a little loud but very nice. I wish it wasn't on Bourbon Street but it helps that it's close to the beginning.
My last visit I had the Catfish Pecan. Fish was cooked perfectly and had great flavor. Definitely something I'd order again.
I highly recommend eating here if in the area.
Would not go back
by FredSez on 7/14/10
Have been there twice and less than impressed with the food.
by tLSU on 7/3/10
I've only been here for a rehearsal dinner, so I can't speak for the service or waitstaff on the first floor. Both the steaks and Redfish were great, would recommend.
Slow service
by iluvdatiger on 7/1/10
Ate here once for dinner and the service was soooo slow. We had to ask to have drink refills from both our waiter and the water boy. If a restaurant is getting slammed we understand waiting more than 30 minutes for your food but when the place is only half full, you kinda have to wonder what's going on.
By Far the Best!
by subMOA on 3/9/10
Being a local guy, I always figure that there's never a place "good enough" to really be the best when it comes to just regular ol' seafood- we just have too many choices.
But, Bourbon House proved me wrong a few years ago and never misses a chance to deliver. Fried shrimp are the best I've had in the world and the atmosphere is great.

One of the best values in the city by far!
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