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December 29, 2014
  9 Ratings | 4 Reviews  
100% Recommend
Gallagher's Grill
509 South Tyler St.
Covington, LA 70433
(985) 892-9992

4 Reviews for Gallagher's Grill
Gallagher's Grill Review
by etm512 on 2/24/10
The wife and I did our Valentine's dinner tonight and decided on a friend's suggestion to try a place we never went to so we tried Gallagher's Grill on LA 21 (S. Tyler). They also told us it was a nicer place for an occasion like this so that added to our picking it.

Got there at about 815 and only had to wait about 10 minutes. Got seated in the main dining room and the first thing I noticed is that the place is very loud. It's not that there are a lot of people there, it's just that the low ceilings and bad acoustics in the room cause the noise to just bounce and bounce off the walls. Also didn't help that there were a few intoxicated couples there who were a little louder than what they thought they were. Either way it wasn't so obnoxious that it ruined anything. It did make it a little hard to hear our waitress at times though.

Everything is a la carte and the prices are a little on the high end at first glance of the menu. The everyday menu to be honest didn't have much on it and none of the entrees jumped out at me. There was however a full page of specials added onto the everyday menu which had a soup of the day and about 7-8 more entrees which all sounded good. Talking with the waitress about what was good there it appeared that this was one of those places where the specials was the way to go unless I was ordering a steak she said. She suggested the grill specials and said that their fish specials were also great. I did see the steaks served to the table next to me and were large pieces of meat that looked pretty good. They were served on the hot plate with the sizzling butter (think Ruth's Chris). I will probably try one on my next visit.

I started with the turtle soup and got one of the specials for my entree - the mixed grill special which was 2 split duck breasts and 2 legs of lamb. The turtle soup was good and had a lot of meat in it. They also gave you a little container of sherry so you can add as much as desired. The entree was amazing. It was also served on the hot plate with the sizzling butter like the steaks. I did need to guard myself with the napkin for a minute though as the butter did pop once and burn my hand. The duck was very moist with great flavor and the lamb was some of the best that I had ever had. I also got an order of seafood mirliton casserole for our side and it was very good as well. Crawfish and shrimp and just enough spice to have a good kick but not too much. The portions were not huge but I left full but not uncomfortable which is good.

The wife who is not too adventurous ordered the crab cakes off the main menu. I tried and while the crab cakes did contain a lot of crab meat, it did not have much flavor added to it. I have definitely had better.

We got out of there with a bill of about $72 before tip. I would recommend this to anyone in the area looking for a nice night out. I will keep it on my list of the better restaurants to go to around here.
Very nice Covington spot for dinner
by wolftiger on 8/22/13
Great food - Steaks are excellent
Daily specials.

Parking - you end up having to park and walk down the street unless you eat at 5 pm.
Noise - as others have mentioned low ceilings make the noise travel.
Best Food on the Northshore
by Vood on 12/24/11
This place is a can't miss. Top notch food and service.
Truly Incredible Resturant
by Oyster on 8/17/10
What can I say. This place is absolutely the best! Steaks are the best I have had any place in the world. Seafood is incredible. Wait staff is top notch.
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