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April 24, 2014
New Orleans Restaurant Reviews
Commander's Palace-New-Orleans
Posted by supadave3 on 1/15/14
Absolutely delicious, impeccable service, great atmosphere... Our dinner and entire experience was freaking awesome. We arrived at 7:30 and sat out in the courtyard for 30 minutes enjoying a cocktail. Then, then brought us to our table at 8:00. We were origin... more
La Petite Grocery-New-Orleans
Posted by Charleaux on 9/23/13
Great restaurant on Magazine... Got there a little but after 7 and were seated right away despite being early. The restaurant looks great and got a nice table by the window overlooking magazine. There were some tables outside which ... more
Posted by Napoleon on 8/29/13
I wasn't wowed by it, but it was still pretty good... Went here on a night out, liked the ambiance and the location at American Can. Had a reservation and was seated right away. Server told us the specials. We decided on Escargot to start, she got the... more
Young's Garden-New-Orleans
Posted by Napoleon on 8/29/13
Classic neighborhood Chinese, huge portions, good food, great prices... I've been going here for over twenty years. Since they were across the street. Always a consistently good meal. They have my favorite egg rolls, massive house made things, full of pork and shrimp a... more
Posted by TutHillTiger on 8/29/13
One of best Breakfast places in city... Love it. Very good quality food, good service, doesn't take all day to eat. Good location. It is owned by the guy that owns Stella's which is really all you need to know.... more
Cafe du Monde-New-Orleans
Posted by TutHillTiger on 8/29/13
A must geaux... Just because man.... more
Bourbon House-New-Orleans
Posted by TutHillTiger on 8/29/13
Very Solid place... Great location and very solid food depending on what you get can be excellent. ... more
Palace Cafe-New-Orleans
Posted by TutHillTiger on 8/29/13
Great quick Brennan Family place... Not as well known as great eating place as other Brennan family Restaurants Like Mr. B's, Brennan's Steakhouse, and Commandeers Palace it is still a great place to eat and has a lot of the same quali... more
Deanie's Seafood-New-Orleans
Posted by TN Bhoy on 8/28/13
Very good... Went here with my gf when we were in town during the summer. We started off with a pound of boiled crawfish (she had never had crawfish before) which was done nicely, however the potatoes appeared to... more
Little Chinatown-New-Orleans
Posted by Napoleon on 8/28/13
One of the best choices for actual Chinese food... This place has a lot of items you won't find at your favorite chinese restaurant. In addition to a lot of familiar classics. If I were to recommend one thing, get the salt and pepper wings (or any... more
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