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Anyone want to train for a marathon with me?

by Salmon
Salmon 17/16 7:22 am

Strained relationship with Russia Us Fault

by germandawg
Political Talk5 minutes ago
germandawg67/16 7:23 am

Has Amazon Passed Netflix For original Content????

by FLObserver
Tech Board7 minutes ago
FLObserver 07/16 7:16 am

did you guys notice Putin was the only one with an umbrella at awards...

by trinidadtiger
Political Talk7 minutes ago
trinidadtiger37/16 7:18 am
Crimson Wraith

Read the story of Kevin Nicholson, Dem parents turned their backs on grandkids, him

by jimdog
Tiger Rant7 minutes ago
jimdog47/16 7:22 am

Some recent political cartoons

by Crimson Wraith
Political Talk9 minutes ago
Crimson Wraith 17/16 7:18 am

Latest chinese economic numbers

by trinidadtiger
Political Talk11 minutes ago
trinidadtiger37/16 7:22 am

Turkey Thigh Dinner Ideas

by Aubie Spr96
Food and Drink15 minutes ago
Aubie Spr96 17/16 7:20 am

Amazon Prime Day outdoor/hunting/fishing savings...

by Jonrubberman
Outdoor Board15 minutes ago
Jonrubberman 37/16 7:22 am

Reboot - Unpopular Music Opinions

by NikolaiJakov
Music Board18 minutes ago
NikolaiJakov17/16 7:16 am

Wonderful "old" Metry house, full of LSU stuff, for sale.

by Napoleon
O-T Lounge19 minutes ago
Napoleon 187/16 7:22 am

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacks Israel, calls them the occupiers of Palestine.

by cajunangelle
Political Talk32 minutes ago
cajunangelle 217/16 7:19 am

Castaways premiers August 2nd on ABC

by LanierSpots
Movie/TV Board34 minutes ago
LanierSpots 07/16 6:49 am

Anybody else notice this when they quit drinking?

by celltech1981
O-T Lounge34 minutes ago
celltech1981 147/16 7:23 am

Anyone else get trolled by Google?: NEW Tool album released

by musick
Music Board38 minutes ago
musick 17/16 6:51 am
Ace Midnight

Parents begging for money for kids to play travel ball

by DevilDagNS
O-T Lounge40 minutes ago
DevilDagNS117/16 7:07 am
East Coast Band

Hilary is definitely running in 2020

by thelawnwranglers
Political Talk42 minutes ago
thelawnwranglers 187/16 7:23 am
TX Tiger

This "Cold War" reference I keep hearing

by Homesick Tiger
Political Talk46 minutes ago
Homesick Tiger 17/16 6:39 am

Worth it to refinance student loan even though it’ll be paid off soon?

by thegreatboudini
Money Talk1 hour ago
thegreatboudini 37/16 6:58 am

Trump voters: do you think Russia impacted the election outcome

by DEG
Political Talk1 hour ago
DEG 727/16 7:21 am


by unclejhim
Tech Board2 hours ago
unclejhim 07/16 5:48 am

An angry, bitter Hillary Clinton uses World Cup to throw shade at Trump and Putin

by goofball
Political Talk2 hours ago
goofball 87/16 6:17 am

Today’s Muh Russia narrative

by WillieNelsonsDoobie
Political Talk2 hours ago
WillieNelsonsDoobie267/16 7:12 am

Do democrats trust their own party to run a clean primary?

by goofball
Political Talk2 hours ago
goofball 67/16 6:28 am

Liberals, what was in all those hacked emails

by thebigmuffaletta
Political Talk2 hours ago
thebigmuffaletta67/16 5:36 am

Chicago's last Sears Store closed yesterday

by goofball
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
goofball 77/16 7:20 am
Parade Grounds

Higher body count: Hillary or Putin?

by IllegalPete
Political Talk2 hours ago
IllegalPete 97/16 6:25 am

Chinese take on "trade wars"

by trinidadtiger
Political Talk3 hours ago
trinidadtiger87/16 6:58 am

GMT 7-16-2018

by Armymann50
O-T Lounge3 hours ago
Armymann50 427/16 7:23 am

Trump literally calls his own country stupid in attempt to defend Russia

by CFBFAN1121
Political Talk5 hours ago
CFBFAN1121 477/16 7:23 am
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