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Without Tua Tugalova Alabana is TRASH and stands no chance against LSU

by bucknut
SEC Score Board6 minutes ago
bucknut 2310/19 11:39 pm

Tua is out, Saban will end his career bringing him back too early

by WarEagleTho
SEC Score Board1 minute ago
WarEagleTho 310/19 11:39 pm

Great team building win. Found a punter, finally played a little

by Rip N Lip
SEC Score Board14 minutes ago
Rip N Lip 810/19 11:39 pm

Texas A&M 24 @ Ole Miss 17 Final - SECN

by CNB
SEC Score Board5 hours ago
CNB30510/19 11:39 pm

An investigation should begin against Referee cheating for Alabama

by GoDeepCoach
Score Board10 minutes ago
GoDeepCoach 1110/19 11:39 pm

LSU fans, do you reckon these SEC refs will allow you to compete with Bama?

by REBSontheRISE
SEC Score Board32 minutes ago
REBSontheRISE 1710/19 11:39 pm

Bama was offsides lol

by WarEagleTho
SEC Score Board37 minutes ago
WarEagleTho 3010/19 11:39 pm

Can Auburn best a Tua-less Bama?

by jimbeam
SEC Score Board4 minutes ago
jimbeam 810/19 11:39 pm

Hevrin Khalaf, Kurdish Politician Who Championed Christians, Executed in Syria

by L.A.
Political Talk5 hours ago
L.A. 2910/19 11:39 pm

Epic ending to the FSU game...

by atomic31
More Sports2 hours ago
atomic31 2210/19 11:39 pm

Everybody’s updating Tua’s status, can we get an update on Jeudy

by AU4real35
SEC Score Board6 minutes ago
AU4real35 410/19 11:39 pm

Updated FINAL count: 151 hreads started by LSU fans during the BAMA game

by Tuscaloosa
SEC Score Board1 hour ago
Tuscaloosa 10210/19 11:39 pm

Really like that O was unhappy with the garbage time TD

by siliconvalleytiger
Score Board0 minutes ago
siliconvalleytiger 010/19 11:38 pm

Tennessee 13 @ Alabama 35 Final - ESPN

by David Ricky
SEC Score Board5 hours ago
David Ricky 234510/19 11:38 pm
The Boat


by CtrlAltDel
SEC Score Board2 minutes ago
CtrlAltDel 510/19 11:38 pm

Tua injury

by lucki98
Score Board10 minutes ago
lucki98 1710/19 11:38 pm

Does time work differently in the state of Alabama?

by WilliamTaylor21
SEC Score Board55 minutes ago
WilliamTaylor21 1910/19 11:38 pm

There’s an ongoing topic of Saban not caring about his players health.

by AU4real35
SEC Score Board28 minutes ago
AU4real35 810/19 11:38 pm

Tigers vs tiger war eagle plainsmen

by OliverQueen81
SEC Score Board17 minutes ago
OliverQueen81 210/19 11:38 pm

Donald J Trump Holiday

by FLTech
Political Talk2 hours ago
FLTech1010/19 11:38 pm

That 14 point turn around is on the UT coach!

by RedTigerRulz
Score Board27 minutes ago
RedTigerRulz 1310/19 11:38 pm

Yankees 4 @ Astros 6 Final

by ahunt1905
More Sports16 hours ago
ahunt1905 87010/19 11:38 pm
List Eater

Why do women grab you when they are scared?

by Kujo
O-T Lounge6 hours ago
Kujo 2110/19 11:38 pm

Somebody needs to throatpunch Pruitt!

by Mandetyger29
SEC Score Board36 minutes ago
Mandetyger29 3510/19 11:38 pm

LSU's favorite coach is down 41-7 to USC

by CGSC Lobotomy
SEC Score Board8 minutes ago
CGSC Lobotomy 1310/19 11:38 pm

Viewer discretion advised: Brutal personal foul on Tennessee

by Solo Cam
SEC Score Board1 hour ago
Solo Cam 3310/19 11:37 pm

Harbaw seat has to be hot right

by Kategory 5
More Sports1 hour ago
Kategory 53710/19 11:37 pm

Georgia State scored 38 against Tennessee

by The_Ultimate_Warrior
SEC Score Board13 minutes ago
The_Ultimate_Warrior310/19 11:37 pm

Smoke those cigars for beating the team

by 00 Tech Grad
SEC Score Board18 minutes ago
00 Tech Grad 1010/19 11:37 pm
Frac the world

7-0 with the best offense in the country

by CatsGoneWild
LSU Recruiting3 hours ago
CatsGoneWild 610/19 11:36 pm
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