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5 arrested in Slidell after shooting Uber driver, and stealing the Uber drivers car

by Breauxsif
O-T Lounge7 hours ago
Breauxsif 326/30 9:04 pm

Trump set the democrats back decades

by guy4lsu
Political Talk8 hours ago
guy4lsu 226/30 10:22 pm

I swear if I don't die by the time my kid's through daycare, I'm going to live forever.

by DiamondDog
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
DiamondDog 586/30 10:06 pm

Rickie Collins update from the Elite 11

by Captain Crown
LSU Recruiting12 hours ago
Captain Crown 157/1 12:43 am
Le Tenia

20 year old mother executed while pushing stroller in NYC

by High C
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
High C 496/30 7:45 pm

Texas A&M recruiter: Y’all getting a lot of money from people behind these suites…

by Tuscaloosa
SEC Rant15 hours ago
Tuscaloosa 1117/1 12:39 am

East Coast could be 'swallowed by the ocean' -Kagan

Political Talk5 hours ago
TAFP 217/1 12:20 am

Why tf is Trump playing 18 holes with Miss Lindsey today?

by YankeeBama
Political Talk8 hours ago
YankeeBama 397/1 2:05 am

Your oldest vehicle with the lowest miles

by NatalbanyTigerFan
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
NatalbanyTigerFan 1206/30 10:25 pm

Is there a “invisible hand” or “spirit of evil” that’s responsible for the current turmoil

by Bass Tiger
Political Talk6 hours ago
Bass Tiger 377/1 12:26 am

Female pole vaulters (NSFW)

by Ajo Devil
O-T Lounge16 hours ago
Ajo Devil 947/1 12:46 am

Sheriff personally deports 4 illegals

by Night Vision
Political Talk9 hours ago
Night Vision 356/30 9:16 pm

Images the media, NOPD and Latoya refuse to show......New Orleans Culture

by Federal Tiger
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
Federal Tiger 586/30 7:14 pm
jimmy the leg

Will you still care?

by bulletprooftiger
Tiger Rant11 hours ago
bulletprooftiger 246/30 10:07 pm

Let’s face it, 2019 was the last “normal” season and we are tGOAT

by S
Tiger Rant12 hours ago
S216/30 11:27 pm

Why doesn’t the Nets owner tell KD to get bent.

by Townedrunkard
Pelicans Talk4 hours ago
Townedrunkard 87/1 12:45 am

LSU Lakes Renovation to Begin Soon

by GeorgeReymond
Tiger Rant16 hours ago
GeorgeReymond 546/30 9:42 pm
Old Money

How will Jimbo explain this to the media?

by Byrdybyrd05
SEC Rant16 hours ago
Byrdybyrd051297/1 1:30 am

This Image Kind of Sums Up Recent Events

by blueridgeTiger
Political Talk10 hours ago
blueridgeTiger 136/30 8:33 pm
Evolved Simian

Sticker shock at grocery store checkout

by liquid rabbit
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
liquid rabbit 796/30 4:51 pm

Brace Yourselves

by fjlee90
Political Talk4 hours ago
fjlee90 117/1 12:09 am
Caraway Rye

Which OT Poster Is This? [Instagram Link]

by dawgfan24348
O-T Lounge7 hours ago
dawgfan24348 176/30 9:46 pm

Genius shoots himself while flexing with a gun inside house

by NorthTxLSU
O-T Lounge12 hours ago
NorthTxLSU 196/30 4:58 pm

Not really Politics: Twitter related

by Loserman
Political Talk7 hours ago
Loserman 206/30 9:41 pm

What's a guilty pleasure of yours

by yaboidarrell
O-T Lounge3 hours ago
yaboidarrell 327/1 1:25 am

Not looking good for Brittney Griner

by CoyoteSong
More Sports17 hours ago
CoyoteSong 1277/1 2:25 am
Suck Out West

Kevin Durant has requested a trade

More Sports13 hours ago
RLDSC FAN 866/30 4:59 pm

rapid buildup of us forces in Europe exceeds 100,000

by Trevaylin
Political Talk13 hours ago
Trevaylin 856/30 9:53 pm
Ace Midnight

Deese: This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm

by Bobby OG Johnson
Political Talk5 hours ago
Bobby OG Johnson 237/1 12:47 am

I personally wouldn’t want to lose BI in a potential KD trade

by Hailstate15
Pelicans Talk12 hours ago
Hailstate15 377/1 1:00 am
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