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December 25, 2014
  12 Ratings | 7 Reviews  
83% Recommend
Nine Dragon Chinese
4250 Burbank Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 757-7177
Nine Dragon Chinese-Baton-Rouge

Nine Dragon Chinese Reviews (7)
Great Food, Low Price.
by THEdeathvalley on 1/30/13
Nine Dragon is probably the best quick Chinese food you can get. The eggrolls are great, the rice is tasty, and the meals are just awesome. It is above and beyond others like it in the area. The staff is friendly.

I get lunch here weekly
by PhiTiger1764 on 7/13/12
Cannot beat the lunch special. Any 4 items for like $6.50 or so. Lo mein, amazing chicken, singapore chicken, coconut chicken, and cheese wontons are my go-to items.
Oh, nom nom
by LSU lilly on 12/27/11
The plate lunches are absolutely delicious. The "amazing chicken" is, by far, the best Chinese chicken I have ever tasted. Also, the egg rolls are pretty fantastic. Check it out from 11am-2:30pm on weekdays for the best meal ever.
The best Chinese place around LSU's campus
by OweO on 8/12/11
I will go to nine dragon just to order their cheese wantons. It is good food at a good price. If you looking for a place to go run and pick something up for take out its perfect, but if you are going in to sit down and eat, don't expect the best atmosphere... But its not really designed to be a place to take a date to.
Best Chinese In LSU Area
by LSUgirl4 on 7/11/10
General Tso's chicken combo is the best item on the menu!!
Great value.
by nacho24 on 7/1/10
I couldn't agree more with the previous post. It's not PF Changs if you will but for the price it can't be beat. Great specials and the lo mein, sesame chicken, wontons, etc.. are all great.
It's good for what it is
by puffulufogous on 7/1/10
Don't expect the best chinese food, but the lunch specials are extremely inexpensive. It is typical pseudo chinese/american hybrid food. It's rare to find a place where you can pick up a big lunch for approximately $4.40.
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