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September 16, 2014
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85% Recommend
Irene's Cuisine
539 St. Philip St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 529-8811
Irene's Cuisine-New-Orleans

Irene's Cuisine Reviews (7)
A Mixed Bag. Not likely to return.
by Gris Gris on 4/26/14
See my review with photos in this thread.
Had one of the best experiences ever at Irene's
by OBUDan on 2/9/13
During my Bachelor party. Outstanding food and service.
Overall enjoyable experience
by TheOtherOne on 3/23/11
Sorry it's long. Bear with me.

Went last night with a friend. We had reservations for 7 and knew to expect a wait.

Checked in and were able to snag a table near the piano. I ordered a dirty vodka martini and my friend got a water. Martini ended up being straight vodka and 2 olives. I drank it anyway, but I can only imagine the "dirty" was not added.

We waited for 45 minutes, but since we were expecting the wait and we had a table we were enjoying ourselves.

I never even looked at the menu until we were seated because I knew the staff was hauling arse and I knew we were not going to be rushed. We started with the Oysters Irene and the Escargot.

My friend had never tried escargot, so it was fun watching her try to figure out what part was actually the snail. She said it all tasted like mushroom anyway. While it was very good, I think it should be sold more as a stuffed mushroom with escargot than an escargot dish.

The oysters were great. I loved the bacon, of course. They were also full of oyster liquor, which is the best part.

I ordered the Duck with a glass of the Angeline Pinot Noir and my friend ordered the Cannelloni.

The duck was incredible. The skin was crispy where is needed to be and the meat was tender. The raspberry demi was not too sweet to take away from the duck, which I find happens often at places that go overboard with toppings.

The cannelloni was good as well. She found it very rich, and couldn't even eat half of it. I took a few bites and had to agree. The besciamella was extremely thick and didn't even look like a sauce. The flavor was good though.

Dessert was bread pudding and tiramisu.

I'm not a dessert person, but she was talking about dessert before we even got there, so I ordered the tiramisu.

Both were good, but I can't review desserts because that's about the most I want to reflect on it.

We were blown away by the check. We thought it would be much much more. Great surprise.

Service was very slow, but when the waitress was available, she was attentive and knew what we needed. They were just very busy, so I understood.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and would go back again. I think there are other places I want to try first though.
How they all should be
by bryso on 7/1/10
Went a few months ago... It was great... I had the crab appetizer and duck for main dish.

Everyone ordered a appetizer and a main dish so we all kinda shared tastes. Honestly, the only thing I didn't like was the 2 fish plates that were ordered. Everything else was great.

The price was also great as I said we had a group of 6 people... we all had appetizers, main dish and 4 deserts we passed around... also all had a drink (alcohol) and two bottles of wine... the tab was sub $450 which was very impressive.

The service was great and very knowledgeable about the wine/dishes...

My only real gripes are the was a Thursday night and we called ahead but we still waited for 45 minutes or so... well worth it but I hate waiting. Also, as with everywhere else in NOLA, it was 100 degrees in there.

Overall very enjoyable and will be going back.
Good food.
by fatboydave on 3/24/10
Food was good on recent visit. Had pompano amandine that could have used some seasoning. Fished cooked perfectly. Salad was good.
smells great outside but food is not that good
by tiger789 on 3/15/10
Why wait for overpriced food that is inconsistent in quality and preparation ? The last time I ate here I vowed I would not return. I pass by it often and it smells great. I think you can do better than this and you should.
Irene's revisited
by Lithium on 3/8/10
Went to Irene's the night before the CCC. The Oysters Irene are the best oysters I've ever had. Had a Shrimp Bisque soup that was very good. The Shrimp Liguini was very good. The Mussels Liguini however was the best Mussels I can remember. For dessert the Creme Brulee is prepared in a large shallow dish allowingmore carmalized topping. The Banana Foster Bread pudding is a unigue presentation of 2 great New Orleans Favorites. The wine list is large and very reasonably priced, For the money Irene's is the best meal in New Orleans. Irene's does accept reservations now and make for a shorter visit to the very loud and cramped bar.
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