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December 25, 2014
  4 Ratings | 2 Reviews  
100% Recommend
Grand Isle
575 Convention Center Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 520-8530
Grand Isle-New-Orleans

Grand Isle Reviews (2)
Lobster in Coconut Curry
by tigeryat on 10/10/10
Good meal and good service on a Friday night. Other entrees at our table were shrimp and grits and grilled escolar in a chili paste sauce.

The Nola blonde I had was ice cold and put in in a good mood.
like the location, decent food
by iluvdatiger on 7/23/10
I get the duck poboy every time. This restaurant has never been too busy any of the 3 times that I have gone, which worries me but hopefully they can survive. There are better places to eat, but if you want basic american/new orleans food and don't want to make reservations or wait in line, just go here if you are in that area.
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